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Boston University Transfers Fall 2018

BostonLover856BostonLover856 26 replies1 threads Junior Member
Hi everyone I found it a bit odd that nobody started a thread for BU so i guess i will do so. Feel free to post all your stats and comments below. Good Luck with everyone's upcoming applications.
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Replies to: Boston University Transfers Fall 2018

  • BostonLover856BostonLover856 26 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I was wondering if someone could chance me. I'm currently attending a CC in southern new jersey. I want to study political science. My Stats:

    College GPA: 3.75
    Credits: I will have 68 credits after this spring
    SAT: Not required to submit
    HS GPA: Not quite sure to be honest we didn't do GPA at my high school I know i had around an 88 avg not weighted.
    Presidential List (College)
    Dean's List (College)

    Clubs and ECs:
    I'm currently the vice president of leadership for PHI Theta Kappa (college)
    I'm also the Senator for Student Government (College)
    captain for my Cross Country team (High school)
    MVP for spring track in 2015 and 2016 (High school)
    Winter Track (High School)
    DECA (High School)

    Have over 100 Hours of community service
    I have a real passion and personal connection for special Olympics and special needs children.
    I help out at various special Olympics track and field meets
    I also go to help out on special days for extended summer school for special needs

    Any Feedback of Advice would be great!

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  • imatransfer001imatransfer001 1 replies0 threads New Member
    edited December 2017
    I was wondering for a chance me, too!
    Highschool weighted GPA: 2.8 (I know. :( I had a major surgery that required quite a bit of recovery time/therapy and problems with bullying after that.)
    Awards: MFA silver key, National Latin honors society, MAFLA, National Latin Exam gold medals, Cornelia award
    College (UMass Boston): 4.0
    Major: Linguistics
    Clubs/EC: badminton, mostly work (and promotion there!), volunteer language tutoring for kids on the weekends, organized a small charity event for Foundation for Faces
    Languages: Italian (self-taught, fluent: I learned in high school for a school trip), Latin (extensive), German (self-taught, fluent: I spent a little over a month in Germany with my family there this summer), Arabic (I'm taking as a college course.)

    BU is my dream school, I really hope that I get in!
    edited December 2017
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  • gumby39gumby39 28 replies13 threads Junior Member
    I'm hoping to transfer into the economics program

    College GPA: 3.4
    Credits:68 (give or take a couple)
    SAT/ACT: Not submitting
    High School GPA: like a 2.8. Wasn't the most exceptional student in HS
    Deans list 2016

    President of Young Americans for Liberty
    Member of Gay-Straight Alliance
    Member of Students for Liberty
    Varsity Ice Hockey Goalie (Placed top goalie in the state a couple seasons)
    Member of Student Economist Union

    I volunteered on the Rand Paul presidential campaign
    I am volunteering with the Austin Petersen for Senate campaign
    I'm a freelancer (thought I'd throw this out there)
    Strong advocate for LGBTQ

    Economics teacher
    Possibly from Austin Petersen

    Good luck everyone!
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  • t0pnotcht0pnotch 73 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Giving a shot for BU's Marketing Major

    College GPA: 3.7
    SAT/ACT: Not submitting
    High School GPA: 2.9?

    2013 Southern California Nationals Tennis Team
    HS Tennis all 4 years
    CC Tennis 1st year, didn't play this year because didn't have time
    Run my own credit card blog

    LOR: Honestly no clue at this point
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  • rolltide1999rolltide1999 1 replies0 threads New Member
    edited January 2018
    If someone could chance me I would really appreciate It.

    I'm applying into the business program.

    Current college: Univ. of Alabama - Tuscaloosa
    GPA: 3.39 (want to make a 3.5 by the end of second)
    HS GPA: 3.0
    SAT/ACT: not submitting

    Member of Alpha Omicron Pi at Alabama
    Boxing all 4 years
    Competitive dance team 3 years
    Choose to Be Nice Clubs President
    Lead By Example Clubs Co-President
    Relay for Life Club Member: HS + college
    K-5 Mentor at Aiken Elementary School

    I have a lot of work experience (camp counselor, babysitting, hostessing)
    I volunteered at numerous animal shelters throughout HS and in college.
    I was a Teachers Assistant in Marine Science class my Senior year.
    I'll be receiving 2 LOR's hopefully
    My essay so far is pretty good. I think It needs to be great if I want a chance on getting in.

    Thanks! Good luck to everyone.
    edited January 2018
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  • yankeebangeryankeebanger 127 replies32 threads Junior Member
    Currently, a sophomore attending a public university in NY. I'll be applying as a junior. I want to get into Business college. I emailed international office about TOEFL/IELTS. If I am not waived, I'll be taking IELTS in February.

    Ethnicity: Caucasian (international student from Turkey).
    Major: Business Administration concentrating in Finance
    College GPA: 3.78
    HS GPA: 3.9ish
    SAT: Never took it. Also, not required.
    TOEFL: I don't if I am exempt from this. This is my sixth year in the US.
    LoR: I can get one from a business prof or dean of international admissions. Not sure if I should take it.
    Essays: I think essays are my weakest points.

    College ECs:
    - Member of Turkish-American Association
    - Member of Investment Club
    - Member of Honor Society Club
    - Have done some interns in Turkey
    - Working part-time on campus

    High School EC/Awards (not all, just ones I'm including)
    - Couple community works
    - Done abroad community work
    - Some clubs in HS

    GL to everyone.
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  • TransferFall2018TransferFall2018 143 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Applying for Political Science!

    College GPA: 3.68
    1st semester: 3.38
    2nd semester: 3.72
    3rd semester: 4.00

    Academic Honors: Chancellor's List (1x), Dean's List (2x)

    ECs: Volunteer work, Internship with SuperPAC and Senate Campaign, Founder and Chairman of On Campus Political Organization, Exec. Director of State Chapter Political Organization , 30 hour/week part time job.

    Letter of Rec:
    English professor
    Political Science Professor
    Senior Executive from SuperPAC and non-profit organization I interned for.
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  • msportmsport 500 replies25 threads Member
    edited January 2018
    -Out of state CC
    -Asian Male
    -Applying to Questrom

    -3.4/4.0, will be graduating with a 3.5+
    -Dean's List x3 Semesters
    -Presidential Scholar
    -3 Letters of Recommendation
    (Former VP @ Chamber of Commerce, currently my professor)
    (Dean of Economics @ my CC, currently my professor)
    (Dean of Accounting @ my CC, currently my professor)

    -President of Finance Club at my CC
    -President of diversity related professional development club at my CC
    -Stock Market Club
    -Volunteer experience
    -Studied abroad in London this past summer, studying Financial Markets; earned top student award and certificate while there

    Internships/Work Experience/Certifications:
    -Upcoming rotational sophomore Finance Summer Internship @ top F500 aerospace/tech. firm. Will be doing corporate m&a
    -Prior Financial Analytics Internship @ Bloomberg in London over the summer, achieved top performer certificate/award
    -Bloomberg Certified (Currencies, Economic Indicators, Equities, Fixed Income)
    -Retail banking internship senior year in HS
    -Currently work part time as a business/data analyst intern at a Tech. Company, it's non-related to finance but really interesting development of a program that can do tasks on it's own for the govt. (ai/machine learning)
    edited January 2018
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  • koreanincalikoreanincali 128 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Hey guys! I'm currently a community college student in California. Here are my stats, good luck to all of you! :)

    Ethnicity: Korean
    Major: Elementary Education
    ACT: 31
    Letters of Rec: English Professor, Communications Professor

    College GPA: 3.8
    Credits: Will have 33 by the end of this year (I'm a freshman)

    High school GPA: Somewhere between 2.5-2.8 I think?

    -Over 200 hours of Community Service, mostly all relating to kids and teaching
    -President of clubs in High School
    -Played Field Hockey in High School
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  • TransferFall2018TransferFall2018 143 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I know its early, but I submitted my application materials over a month ago, and BU is the one school that is still showing they haven't received my materials. Anyone else seeing this, and is BU notoriously slow for taking note of application credentials?
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  • Rando123Rando123 2 replies2 threads New Member
    Does anyone know if BU gives out decent scholarships/aid to transfer because that 65K is pretty scary to look at
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  • TransferFall2018TransferFall2018 143 replies1 threads Junior Member
    edited January 2018
    @rando123 I've heard its a crap shoot like any other school that doesn't meet 100% of your need. One of my friends transferred there last year and her family makes decent money and she said she got around 40k in aid (unsure how much is grants, but that still leaves about 25,000/year left over) which has me hopeful. But the net price calculator on their website has me getting little to no financial aid and my EFC is only around 5k, so who really knows. My strategy is basically to worry about being accepted first and then see what the financial aid looks like, because there is no way of knowing. I applied to plenty of schools, and have 3 or 4 that are similar to BU that are known to be pretty generous for financial aid that has me not as nervous about it.
    edited January 2018
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  • koreanincalikoreanincali 128 replies0 threads Junior Member
    edited January 2018
    Hey Guys! I just turned in my fafsa, and my Estimated Expected Family Contribution is 000112. I was wondering if you guys had any idea/estimate on how much aid I'd get/how much I would be paying if you guys had any friends at BU who got aid from fafsa. Let me know! Thanks :)
    edited January 2018
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  • MsRazzleDazzleMsRazzleDazzle 82 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Hey guys!

    It seems I'm rather late to the party ^^". But hey, better late than never I guess?

    Current School: Colgate University (freshman)
    College GPA: 4.0 (I withdrew from one class but explained it on my application as being unrelated to my major as well as why I dropped it)
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Major: English/Creative Writing

    High School GPA: 96.35 weighted, 4.0 out of 4.0 scale, 4.6 on 5.0 scale (according to school's calculations)
    S.A.T.'s: 760 writing, 720 reading, 550 math
    S.A.T. II's: 720 reading, 620 U.S. History
    AP Exams: English Language (5), English Literature (5), U.S. Gov. & Politics (4)

    College EC's:

    -Secretary/Treasurer of my school's Catholic Community Executive Board
    -Executive Team Leader of my school's chapter of the American Heart Association (volunteerism)
    -Executive Board Member of one of my school's political organizations
    -Member of volunteer group that supports local animal shelters
    -Member of volunteer group that conducts random acts of kindness around campus for students and faculty
    -Member of student publications (Newspaper, Joke newspaper, and Literary Magazine)
    -Bowling club member

    I applied to BU as a freshman and was accepted. I think my supplement and essay are both pretty good.

    Hooks: URM (Hispanic female), was accepted as a freshman (not necessarily a hook but it could help), have a family member who will have graduated BU by the time I might attend, I come from a school known for academic rigor and grade deflation.

    Recommendation letters: So far I only have one from my English professor with whom I had a good relationship, so hopefully that looks good. I'm also looking to get one from my dean, and I intend to have two outside recommenders as well.
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  • TransferFall2018TransferFall2018 143 replies1 threads Junior Member
    edited February 2018
    Are there special math requirements to transfer to BU? My friend who transferred there said no because she took her math courses there, after transferring for her sophomore year. Just got denied to a school for not taking Algebra II//Trignometry/Calculus yet. Didn't find anything on BU's website regarding it or the school I was rejected from.
    edited February 2018
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  • msportmsport 500 replies25 threads Member
    Just submitted. Good luck, everyone!
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  • JoeDangitJoeDangit 49 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Just submitted... see you guys all on the other side, yeah?
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  • yankeebangeryankeebanger 127 replies32 threads Junior Member
    Hey guys, do we need midterm report for transfer students?
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  • TransferFall2018TransferFall2018 143 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @yankeebanger Friend of mine who did this last year said she didn't get asked for it. I assume it must be a case by case basis.
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  • MsRazzleDazzleMsRazzleDazzle 82 replies7 threads Junior Member
    @yankeebanger If you have one that's good you can always send it just in case. I'm sending mine because it shows I'm enrolled in as many courses as possible (had to withdraw from a class last semester, so this report shows I'm not doing that again) and am getting good marks, especially in the classes that matter (for me, that's English).

    If you have a good one, sent it--it can't hurt. If not, only send it if they ask, or call them up and see (schools tend to differ on how important they view the MR to be).
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