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SMG vs Econ

SachmoneySachmoney 1240 replies14 threads Senior Member
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I know that BU has a very reputable Econ department, actually one of the best in the world (Top 25). My question was for an undergraduate what is better? That is how does the econ department compare to the School of Management in terms of recruiting and in terms of academic value.

While Law is still a possibility, I am much more interested in business. I think both can be a solid basis for business, and either way I intend on getting an advanced degree, may be eventually even a PhD. Anyways, any foresight on this would be helpful, thanks.
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Replies to: SMG vs Econ

  • DJglover16DJglover16 346 replies5 threads Member
    I think you answered your own question. If you're more interested in business, then go to the business school (SMG). There you can focus on economics or any number of business disciplines. I think you'll find that this will yield a greater number of career options for you to pursue. And yeah, no reason you ever have to rule law out even in the business school. I'm not sure what the exact law school required prerequisites are but I know people pretty much go with just about any major so I'm sure you could figure it out if you decide to go after that at that point...My roommate is in the business school and all I hear are good things..
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  • fiddlefrogfiddlefrog 1209 replies10 threads Senior Member
    If you may be interested in a Ph.D, and you have a scholarly bent, I would strongly suggest that you go for the broader education offered in CAS. While SMG is a very good school, it is better suited to students who are looking to enter the job market soon after college. It is much more pre-professional than a CAS Econ degree would be.
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  • LergnomLergnom 7737 replies189 threads Senior Member
    One of my nephews is an academic economist, which means analytic math not business classes. If that's you, then go that route.

    I find economists and math majors in tons of fields, from investment advisors to consultants to web companies.
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  • SpecialAgentPunkSpecialAgentPunk 138 replies37 threads Junior Member
    I've heard that SMG is very rigorous and because of that, very hard to join or transfer in if not from your freshman first semester. Not sure on the specifics though.
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  • Aztec09Aztec09 273 replies25 threads Junior Member
    lots of requirements in SMG may turn some off. transfers have to take a course, 299, and can not take any other smg classes until it is complete.
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  • precociousprecocious 930 replies177 threads Senior Member
    if you want to honestly enter smg, do it your first semester freshman year. if you don't like it -- you can always switch out

    it is harder to switch in though because the freshman business course (SM121-122) is all year and the combined class (SM299? or something) is much more intense

    i'm a first year SMG-er and i want to dual degree (BUCOP) in economics :) so yeah. you can do both!
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  • Aztec09Aztec09 273 replies25 threads Junior Member
    i agree with precocious...299 is intense, but it is worth it. a great experience
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  • SachmoneySachmoney 1240 replies14 threads Senior Member
    What's the course description for 299?

    I think I would give doing that double majoring a shot. Or may be I would minor in math or something. Econ is really just a way of thinking and applying it to real world. I don't know though. I guess I'll have to wait and see.
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