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hhboyjihhboyji Registered User Posts: 361 Junior Member
edited April 2005 in Boston University
Current BU students.. parents with their kids at BU.. BU graduates.. or students who definitely are going to BU..

Why do you guys choose (or chose) to attend BU?

I have some great set of schools in my hand right now.. and BU seems pretty attractive to me altho I never visited. It gave me great finaid.. and ppl keep telling me to forget about other school and send my deposit in to BU!!

Why BU?

Thank you so much for your time, guys :D

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Replies to: Why Bu?

  • dogsdogs Registered User Posts: 1,092 Senior Member
    Check out your BU08 & BU09 web sites on live journal for many responses about your question. Links are under the thread on CC called "DORMS".(below) Meanwhile, this just came...click on and check out events and new rec ctr---click under ag. arena and see upcoming BU concerts like OAR, Maroon 5, Donnas, Alicia Keys and all the films, lectues, theatre, etc
    This just came on our email:
    .Dear Boston University parents,

    The B.U. Bridge newspaper today publishes a special issue to celebrate a historic achievement for the University: the opening of the new Fitness and Recreation Center.

    We invite you to view the issue online at http://www.bu.edu/bridge, where you can learn about activities and programs offered at the center, see photographs, and find out about memberships.

    We also invite you to visit the Fitness and Recreation Center's Web site at http://www.bu.edu/fitrec.

    Thank you,

    B.U. Bridge
    10 Lenox Street
    Brookline, MA 02446
    617.353.3081 phone
    617.353.6488 fax
  • BrandonBrandon Registered User Posts: 53 Junior Member
    I personally love BU because it's campus is very unique as it is NOT like a sequestered area. It is near the heart of Boston, and you have access to a city evironment the minute you walk out the door of your dorm. The people here tend to be very awesome. SOME of the teachers tend to know what they are talking about and take their jobs very seriously, which always provides for an adequate education. They are consistently trying to make things better. This year, we have a new Fitness Center, which opened up just yesterday! We have cable, which was granted per students request. We have better food in our dining halls, compared to other neighboring schools (despite the fact that it gets repetitive). If you are looking for competition academically, then you'll definitely find it. A lot of things are pretty much walking distance, and even if you don't want to walk, the 'T' runs in both directions: outbound is free, and inbound costs only a mere $1.25. I mean, every schools has its ups and downs. For instance, diversity isn't that big on this campus. Take me for instance, I am one of like very few Black students on this campus. There is a larger Asian and Indian population; however, there is still a variety of people. So, despite this minor setback, there is definitely a strong social evironment among all races. Not only that, BU is trying to increase the number of minority students to make it more diverse. When I say minority, I am not just talking about Black students, I am talking about students of all races, and this year, you can definitely see an improvement in statistics, which supports their effort. A lot of the labs are very high tech. I am going here for Computer Engineering, and I often visit the Photonics Building because I teach there, which is one of the most high tech buildings that I've every been in. This is only an iota of the things that BU has to offer. Many people that started here started off like loners, but quickly, in less than even a half of semester, they met people that were just like them and opened up quickly. The way that BU structures its majors ensures that the students have a lot of interaction with one another to create more of a real world ambience to everything. If you're coming here for Business, I've seen some of the students dressing up in their fancy apparrel in the first week. They had to prepare memos, slide shows, presentations, and they have a big, beautiful building that they seem to have declared their own little BU corporation (despite the fact that they can't see any of those signs that say smoking is prohibitted [Engineering students always poke fun at SMGers]).

    If none of this is appealing to you at all...then at least I am here. I work everywhere. I'm a teaching assistant for C++ (Computer Programming), Student Manager for Late Nite at Myles Dining Hall, and a Peer Counselor for the Office of Financial Assitance. I am only a freshman. I consider myself the 9th wonder of the world, so if you just come to see me, then that's awesome too.

    However, whichever school you decide to attend, make sure that it's not just because of a school's name. I know that some of the overrated schools that are here around BU are known for worse things than their reputation let on. Just make sure you choose a school because it will give you the right amount of room and cusion to comfortably excel in your education as you prepare to take on the world. I am only 18, and I feel like BU has given me the opportunity to take on everything, even though they try and deflate my grade every chance they get...=-)
  • hhboyjihhboyji Registered User Posts: 361 Junior Member
    BU sounds awesome. it's def. one of my top choice

    What to do.. what to do.. i'm just waiting for their fin aid letter (it's coming late cuz of some complications). It's they offer me enough money, I think you'll see me in campus this fall :)
  • lilly1lilly1 Registered User Posts: 104 Junior Member
    OK<,That is the other problem I have with Bu. What is this grade deflation stuff?
  • Chrisso620Chrisso620 Registered User Posts: 427 Member
    Yeah! I'm worried about the grade deflation too. I guess it cant be that bad because 17 thousand undergrads are dealing with it, but its still really scary to think about.
  • BrandonBrandon Registered User Posts: 53 Junior Member
    Don't be deterred by that...many students beat it out. Just be the best of the best. They want their grading curve to be exactly in the C-/C range. I guess that means that anything goes, even if it is increasing or decreasing (usually decreasing) a students grade to make that happen. It usually only affects those people that are closer to C+ and C-. I say don't worry about it, but it is up to you.
  • Chrisso620Chrisso620 Registered User Posts: 427 Member
    I'm going there no matter what (yay!) but I am a little worried about it. I'll work my hardest and everything, but I have to keep a 3.0 for $$ and I'm worried about that.
  • dogsdogs Registered User Posts: 1,092 Senior Member
    Only certain professors buy into the grade curve scenario. it does seem to only really affect the c to C- kids and from what I can tell isn't it mainly a CAS phenoneon? Out of 8 courses our s had so far he felt that only Freshman writing (a 2 semester sequence) had the so-called deflation curve where he went from a low A to a B because there were so many students with mid to high As. I'd like to believe that the curve allows a little room for flexibiity so if you are 1-2 points from keeping your scholarship its hard to fathom a professors wouldn't take that into consideration. I think on some of the Rate Ny Professor type sites and through the BU on-line and in person grapevines kids learn how each professors marks and can choose class accordingly. (this happens in all colleges) It seemed to us that the Dean of CAS who is really into that Core sequence is the one who is driving this so those in that program may want to see if that is true and reconsider which program to be in.
  • hhboyjihhboyji Registered User Posts: 361 Junior Member
    Grade deflation!!!

    Scary.. -_-

    Hm.. BU still stays on the top of my list tho :P

    AHH!!! choosing where to go is hard..
  • BrandonBrandon Registered User Posts: 53 Junior Member
    It is mainly the writing teachers because they have like this big insecurity due to the fact that their classes are never taken unless they are made mandatory like in CAS or ENG. However, I've heard many of teachers that enforce this C - average crap, and they are usually through CAS courses like Physics and Chemistry, but some of those classes are made mandatory in the college of engineering, management, etc. I know many of students who work diligently and overcome the grade deflation thing. It is not that big a deal; trust me. (that sounded like I was lying, but truly I'm not). BU's awesome. I am glad I chose it over UIUC, Notre Dame, and all those other schools that accepted me. I especially am glad that I wasn't accepted to MIT. If I had been, I'd be regretting my decision to go there. I love BU that much.
  • dogsdogs Registered User Posts: 1,092 Senior Member
    Our s is a Frehman and had to maintain 3.2 for his scholarship. So far he has 3.7 and has had to work for it. You can learn through the grapevine at any school which Professors are tougher at grading and choose clasases accordingly if you re freaked out by this issue. Not all of them buy into the curve situation but writing is one of them. There seems to be an attitude at many campuses that students need better writing skills. What they don't take into account is that in the age of computers the writing skills needed for the future may differ somwhat from when these profs were in school. The good news for the grad school hopefuls is that just like all colleges have profiles that let them know the grading system for individual High Schools including having info on the % of each letter grade given ---so do grad schools ---so a high GPA at a school like BU will be noteworthy compared to a school that hands out As indiscriminently.
  • aca0260aca0260 Registered User Posts: 693 Member
    Can anyone tell me the mean or median GPA at BU

    Im a little worried about the grade inflation...How hard is it to achieve a 3.7?

    Is it much worse than other universities? In Canada we generally deflate grades even in high school...I have an 88 avg and im 26 out of 410
  • drummerboydrummerboy Registered User Posts: 72 Junior Member
    Don't know plus there are so many smaller programs and colleges within BU like BME in Engineering, University Professors Program, Honors Programs, Comm., College of General Studies, School of Management so I bet it veries. I think its doable to get a high GPA. Most kids that slip set themselves up for it by skipping classes, which is an easy habit for some to get stuck in since you don't have to go when in college.
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