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I want out. NOW.

sprkl325sprkl325 Registered User Posts: 352 Member
edited June 2005 in Boston University
WOW. I am having "cold feet" at going to BU. It's HORRIBLE. I don't want to go there at all now.

First of all, I should have considered the fact that it is a totally urban campus. I thrive in environments where there is a campus feel, and plenty of professors to provide help when I need them.

I am so incredibly stupid. Now I'm bounded (as well as all of my renewable scholarships) to BU. The grade deflation is horrible. The dorms are horrible. I heard the $$ gets stingier the longer you stay.

I do NOT want to be a mediocre student--I will try it out, of course (what other choices do i have?) but i am already seriously thinking of transferring.
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Replies to: I want out. NOW.

  • NomNom Registered User Posts: 968 Member
    If you need someone to talk this out with, I'm more than willing to help. As you know, I am familiar with BU and its lovely city. I can try to answer any oustanding questions you have, as well as dispel unfounded myths. But most of all, I was an ED applicant. At one point, I felt much the same as you do now. I don't want to convince you either way, I only want to work out what's actually best for you. It is common for students to become nervous around this time. Although I'm sure you have legitimate reasons for disliking BU, anxiety may be contributing to your change of heart.

    PM me, if you so choose, and we can arrange to IM or E-mail.

    Best of luck,

  • TheIntellectualTheIntellectual Registered User Posts: 61 Junior Member
    No problems here, I really can't wait to get out of California. :) Don't worry about getting cold feet, it happens. The only thing I'm scared about is the dorms.... community bathrooms and random people scare me. :P
  • elysse311elysse311 Registered User Posts: 135 Junior Member
    Sprkl - i know how you feel. I narrowed it down to BU, Dickinson, Case Western, and Mt. Holyoke. To this day - i still find myself on Dickinson's website. I too am worried that I made the wrong decision - but I also know it's common. I am scared of the SAME factors as you. Just think - we can always transfer.

    Also, think of the exciting thins. Peruse BU's website - and find things you will be excited for there.... say.... there new, awesome rec. center.... or going to a hockey game... or even the guest chefs in the dining halls.

    In the words of Dave Matthews: "We'll make the best of what's around."
  • dreamer02140dreamer02140 Registered User Posts: 45 Junior Member
    i think i am in the exact same position i was stuck for weeks and weeks between BU and BC and am really not sure of the exact reason on why i ended up chosing BU but now am getting cold feet and wonder if i made the wrong decision.....nothing i can really do now but i was hoping for some reassuring advice
  • thumper1thumper1 Registered User Posts: 63,930 Senior Member
    Just a parent here...my son chose BU over 6 other acceptances. To this day *I* do not know why. But it doesn't matter. He LOVES it there...everything about it (well....he wishes the dorms were all apartments...but), the classes, his major, the friends he has made, the city of Boston, the social scene, EVERYTHING. He had some wonderful choices amongst his acceptances, and I second guessed his choice several times (not to him). My guess is that there are times when he did this as well (not to us) but the reality is that he's getting what he wants to from Boston University.
  • squashed314squashed314 Registered User Posts: 45 Junior Member
    Ah! I feel your pain, second guessers! I wanted to go to BU because I knew I could have a lot of options in one college for my major, but now I'm thinking that I want to major in musical theatre... which is like the ONE major that isn't offered at BU!
    But I think it will all work out. It will be nice to be in Boston, even if it's only for a year, and I can transfer to another school if I've still got the same mindset at the end of next year.

    Tough luck though, yea?
  • xandermanxanderman Registered User Posts: 251 Junior Member
    If I might point out, weren't you upset in a previous thread about not being able to go to NYU over BU? That's also a highly urban campus, even more decentralized and far more spread out than BU.

    Also, if you got a Boston University Grant, you can keep it by maintaining a 2.30 GPA, which is about a C+. Even with grade deflation, that's hard to do if you could achieve at least 3.0 in HS. In addition, Stafford Loans increase yearly to all students no matter what.

    The dorms are not horrible. I was there, and of all the schools I visited, BU's dorms were better than most of them. They have game rooms, study lounges, great dining, and amazing views.
  • sprkl325sprkl325 Registered User Posts: 352 Member
    Yes I was the one stuck over NYU, but thank GOD I didn't go to NYU. I would have had a nervous breakdown by now if I chose it.

    Obviously I am a very stressed-out person (week of finals!) and I need reassurances that I chose the right school. I actually got accepted to really good schools (well, in my opinion at least): University of Texas at Austin (1 hr away from parents), Johns Hopkins, Trinity (Known 3rd best in Texas among Texans), NYU, BU, and several state schools where I would have gotten 5000 free money to go, and an invitation to honors college. I could have made a mark at these state schools--I previously thought it would be a "letdown" to go to a state school after how hard I worked in high school, but now I don't think it would have been bad at all.

    Ultimately, I chose BU for the $$. I was offered 39K in aid and 7K in outside scholarships (specifically towards BU because I already requested it to be sent there).

    I am just petrified by college--There was a phase when I was excited to move on, but with school ending tomorrow (and having to say bye to all of my friends who are staying), I am so scared! I may be on the top here, in New Mexico, but in Boston, the city of intellectuals?! I am very doubtful of my abilities and can see myself as just a mediocre, ordinary # at BU.

    That is why I am going through this ordeal--I think that if I chose a smaller school, it would be easier for me to get into med school later on. Thanks for all ur support.
  • Gandalf5Gandalf5 Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    Boston University is a large urban university. So it has a lot to offer in terms of programs and courses and it's in the middle of a great city. Boston has a lot to offer any student and there are a lot of college students in the city. It may be shock coming from New Mexico but it's no where near as intimidating as a city like NYC. Academically you'll be fine. It's a very good school but other schools on your list are better. College is what you make of it so enjoy.
  • drummerboydrummerboy Registered User Posts: 72 Junior Member
    Everybody is going through this at my school. My friend picked a 40 thousand dollar a year school and he is all bugged out about it. It is normal. I want to be in a city but will miss the trees too so I put Wesst down as my first choice since it was listed in the Backdoor as more like a campus.
  • drummerboydrummerboy Registered User Posts: 72 Junior Member

    I picked BU over BC. Sure both are good schools but BC seemed a lot like high school. Read some of the posts on live journal from current BU students. Lots of them felt unsure but now they love it and Boston too. We'll get through this. I always regret my choices and second guess things but I'm not letting my mind go there this time. Just thinking ahead and reading about all the cool stuff on BU's campus. It will be awesome!!!!
  • MaleryMalery Registered User Posts: 45 Junior Member
    I hope to get off the waitlist so I can acctually go to Boston...but how much does it actually cost a year
  • dogsdogs Registered User Posts: 1,092 Senior Member
    Keep in mind that there are over a half dozen colleges within BU (CAS, SMG, Hosp., CGS---plus other subsets like Univ. Professors Program, Honors, BA/MD tract) so each allows you to be in a smaller community within the context of the larger university. Our S had second thoughts, especially his first weekend there when his room mate went home and he found himself sitting in a dorm on a Sat. night. By the following week he was making friends and although he has some complaints he is happy there and doing well academically and socially. The small writing classes allow for a good deal of "get to know you" conversations in the beginning of Sept. so you'll meet kids that way as well as through your dorm. The RAs sponsor various events in the beginning of the year for the dorms and floors like Red Sox games, music, outdoor campus movies on the Beach. Many students go up a week early and participate in that volunteer program which apparently really helps students make friends from the beginning.

    All students are frightened and ambivalent and excited about going to college. Take a breath. There is a very common saying at campuses that you will hear repeated because it makes sense. That kids generally have second toughts or regret their choices, acceptance, rejections...but by Halloween almost all kids consider the college they end up attending to be their first choice. It is a big adjustment. But everyone there will be going through it too.

    The dorms at BU are average for Freshman as they are at many schools unless you decide to live in a Bay Street Brownstone which is downright elegant. Our S chose West. Although the walk to CAS is a negative, the 3 dorms intersect with one cafe type dining hall and with the courtyard, fields, nearby Rec Center and Village, and music venues, it feels a little more campus like. (trees, benches, skateboarders) A one minute walk takes you to the park like settings along the River where many students walk, run, hang out. The room is plain but he has a fabulous full window view of the river and Boston skyline that is quite dramatic at night. His floor has a divison between the male and female rooms so the gender specific bathrooms are more private. It is a little less social than Warren and he was jealous of a few kids he met who shared a Freshman apartment suite of 4 at Shelton but being a little less noisy has advantages too when you need to concentrate and study.

    There are all sorts of entertainment activities from comedy to school clubs--music--classical to jazz to big name concets at the Arena. Boston must have caught your attention for a reason so remember why and think of all the new experiences you will get to try in such a college oriented city. Every where you go there will be students!
  • Gandalf5Gandalf5 Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    I agree 100%

    I'm a parent too and we went through a hellish time with my daughter deciding where to go. It didn't help that two schools she really liked accepted her off the waitlist. So we had to do this twice. The problem is that most of the time you can never really be 100% sure. (I think she's pretty happy with her choice at this point)

    But in the end, college is what you make of it and it's a GREAT opportunity that you should take advantage of, academically, intellectually, socially.
    Boston University will be a fine school for that.
  • BrandonBrandon Registered User Posts: 53 Junior Member
    BU is awesome! You shouldn't have cold feet! If you'd like to talk to me about all the wonderfulness that is BU, I will be more than happy to talk with you. I will be a Sophomore next semester, and I am excited. I loved Freshman year; everything was so awesome! The only bad part about it was that it went by too fast. I move all my stuff in, and the next minute you know I see everyone on here getting acceptances..and then i had to move out. All I can say is follow your heart, but BU has its ups. I won't lie and say that it doesn't have its downsides, but it has way more ups than downs. Let's chat...:)

    AOL: Br86an
    AIM: meandmariah69

    e-mail: bdphil86@bu.edu or Br86an@aol.com
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