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What are my chances for entering BU CAS?

MegamanZX0964835MegamanZX0964835 66 replies27 threads Junior Member
edited February 2010 in Boston University
Hello CCers,

I'm currently a senior with the following credentials coming from a public high school:

GPA: Weighted 4.36/5.4 scale, Class rank 15/365 top 4% of class
SAT: CR 550, M 740, W 590 = 1880/1290
SAT II: Math II 790, U.S. History 700, Physics 610, Chemistry 720
AP: AP U.S. History - 4

Senior year courseload -
AP Calculus AB
AP Computer Science
AP Statistics
AP Chemistry
AP Modern European History
AP English Literature and Composition

All my senior grades are mostly A's with one or two B's except for AP English; I have C/C+'s in AP English. I don't know how much of an impact will my AP English have on admission decisions from my mid-year report. I've started taking AP English this year from an honors English course so I don't know if they'd be lenient or harsh about the grades.

Extracurricular Activities:

Math team (11, 12) - 11th & 12th grade- one of the few top math members in the school's team, 12th grade - math leader of the team

Academic Decathlon (12) - A-starter for the school's team. The team made it to the state competition for this school year.

Chess Club (10,11, 12) - A member and above average player in the school.

Science Olympiad (12) - A member of the Science Olympiad team.

Volunteering (10, 11, 12)- worked in local hospital, and other community organizations (accumulated 200+ hours over the period of time)

National French Exam school awards - 9th grade (1st place), 10th grade (3rd place), 11th grade (1st place)

2009 AMC 12A - 81.0 (It's low, but I had the 3rd highest score for my school.)

What are my chances of being accepted to Boston University under CAS?
If I do get accepted to BU, what are my chances for entering the CAS Honors program?
edited February 2010
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Replies to: What are my chances for entering BU CAS?

  • motion12345motion12345 1492 replies92 threads Senior Member
    If you can't even break 600 on the CR/W sections of the SAT, why on earth would you take AP English? You'll probably get in, but still...looks like there's some grade inflation at your HS.
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  • MegamanZX0964835MegamanZX0964835 66 replies27 threads Junior Member
    I took AP English for a few reasons.
    1. Our schools have a rigid schedule regarding AP courses. For AP courses, there are only 1-2 classes with the exception of AP history courses. Since all my other courses were AP, I fell victim to the rigid schedule and had no choice but to take AP English. I didn't feel like giving up an AP course on my schedule.

    2. Because I knew that my skills for English classes in general were mediocre, I wanted to find some way to remediate my deficiency. So I thought, "Hmm... Maybe I should challenge myself by taking AP English." I had felt that my Honors English course was fairly easy (after receiving A/A+), so I thought it was time that I should advance. Also, having an honors English class among all my other AP courses would have probably sparked skepticism among college admissions officers.
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