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CAS Question

brighteyes93brighteyes93 28 replies22 threads Junior Member
edited March 2010 in Boston University
hi everyone,
i'm interested in applying to BU in the fall, and I was hoping you could answer a question about the college of arts and sciences. I am hoping to pursue a major in chemistry while in college, and I am wondering whether or not my high school chemistry grades will be taken into consideration. I know that I need to apply to a specific school (CAS) but will my chances of making it into the chemistry program depend on how well I did specifically in my high school chemistry classes? or will admissions just look at my overall course load and gpa? I got B's both semesters of honors chem and I received a B first semester in my double period AP chem class. I am hoping to get a 4 on the AP exam and an A second semester. Also, if I apply to a different school and get in there, can I transfer into CAS once the semester starts?
edited March 2010
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Replies to: CAS Question

  • Lauren591Lauren591 250 replies6 threads Junior Member
    It might get a little extra look, but overall you're going to be accepted as a whole for the school. If you are applying to ENG, your science and math grades would probably be even more important. Still, it's not like the other areas don't count. I would say though that some of the science classes (particularly chemistry) at BU are pretty difficult. If you're struggling at all in high school courses, maybe it isn't the right decision for you. It wouldn't be harmful to go in undecided and explore chemistry a little bit first before making a conclusive decision. You'll have to take divisional courses and requirements anyways.

    If you're intra-transferring into CAS, do it before school starts. It'll be way easier to get it done with either once you're accepted (call them and see) or during orientation. You can wait until the school year starts but then there will be deadlines and some paperwork. It's just easier before to get it done if you're certain.
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  • lalaz1000lalaz1000 116 replies7 threads Junior Member
    If your going to be a chem major, they don't really look at your test scores. The chem class you would do, CH 111 and CH 112, there is a test before the drop period is over, and it's considered the weed out test. So basically they don't care as much as you did in high school, they mainly care on how you are going to do now. I was allowed in the class with my SAT in Chemistry being only a 540, so it's completely fine that you are going to do that. All I can warn you with is that if your going to be a Chem Major you better be ready to work your ASS off. The intro Chem class is calculus based and the lab is a 4 hour lab, with there being lots of work outside of class. So if you aren't sure about your work ethic, I would say take either 109/110 which is less intensive. But I would not recommend CH 101/102/201.
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  • brighteyes93brighteyes93 28 replies22 threads Junior Member
    thanks so much for your input! i'm starting to get a little less nervous now :)

    while you're at it, do you think you could chance me? keep in mind that I am only a high school junior so a lot could change between now and September.

    Public High School in Maryland
    Applying to the College of Arts and Sciences

    GPA: 3.45UW (out of 4.0), 4.23W (out of 5.0)

    Class rank: school doesn't rank

    Courseload: 9th: 6 honors, 10th: 1 AP + 6 honors, 11th- 4 AP + 1 honors

    ACT: first and only score: 28 (don't remember scores for each specific section) i'm taking the ACT again in April.

    SAT: first and only score: 1840 (600 reading, 610 math, 630 writing) i'm planning on taking the SAT again in the next few months, after taking a prep class so hopefully my score will go up.

    SAT IIs: none, considering taking Chemistry and Math II if my ACT score doesn't improve

    APs: AP US Government (4), AP English Language and Composition, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus AB, AP World History

    -Officer (not captain) of the Quiz Team-2 years
    -Vice President of the Jewish Culture Club-1 year
    -President of the Jewish Culture Club-1 year
    -Member of Stage Crew-2 years
    -National Thespian Honor Society Member-1 year
    -Honors Wind Ensemble (2nd chair tuba)-2 years
    -Honors Wind Ensemble (1st chair tuba)-1 year
    -Nominee for the NCTE Achievement Award in Writing
    -220 Community Service Hours

    Outside of School:
    -Member of a Jewish youth group-3 1/2 years (served as recording secretary, vp of community service/social action/jewish heritage, vice president, and president)
    -Founding member of a chapter within the youth group(served as vice president and president)
    -Member of the KEY club within my youth group (pairs teens up with teens with special needs to complete art and community service projects)-3 years
    -Tutor once a week at the local elementary school-1 year
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  • lalaz1000lalaz1000 116 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Ok, I'm really sorry I'm replying so late, I got busy with midterms!

    Well I'll tell you straight up, you are a shoe in! Just bump up your SAT scores, maybe your ACT which ever one you feel you could get past a 2000 or 30 in. And if you are going to be a Chem major, make sure to brush up on your calculus!!! I'm telling you if possible, get Calculus BC done while your still in high school. It will help ALOT, because calculus will become your best friend as a chem major! (Intro Course is Calculus Based, you will have to take Inorganic Chem, and PChem-this class being heavily based in math and physics, not to mention you have to take Calc based physics!

    Also since your going to be a senior, try and take some AP's that would cover the humanities and as well as a language. It will save you alot of time and allow you to take courses that interest you.

    Currently I'm an Engineer switching into CAS to pursue a Chem major. Not switching cause it's hard, it's just boring for me. Also to warn you, Chemistry is the hardest science major in the College of Fine arts, the labs are a killer, so make sure you perfect your lab work while in AP Chem. By perfecting I mean developing great lab ethics, great observation skills, analysis, and you should be ready to ace your first year here xD! Well if you do end up coming here or need any other Chem questions answered feel free to PM me, i will gladly answer them for you!
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