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sat4lyfesat4lyfe - 309 replies52 threads Member
edited February 2010 in Boston University
Junior Member

Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 129 subpar scores?? are you kidding me? all of them are like 2000+... my 1820 SAT score looks like nothing compared to everyone last year.. however some guy did get CR:540 M:540 W:500 in his sections for CGS. So I think I still have a chance and I'm applying to CGS!

i hella doubt this no1 can get into CGS with a 1580 LOL!


and gluck to u leofrancis i applied to cgs too
edited February 2010
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  • laurenrplaurenrp 196 replies11 threads Junior Member
    alright so we all agree- we boycott all of sat4lyf's posts?
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  • leo_francis101leo_francis101 166 replies40 threads Junior Member
    Decision: ACCEPTED
    College of General Studies


    * SAT I (by section):CR:540 M:540 W:500
    * SAT IIs: Math I:460 Spanish(w/Listening):630
    * ACT:23
    * APs:Taking AP Spanish this year
    * IBs:
    * GPA: 3.03w (did terrible freshman and sophmore year with 2.7 gpa...but in junior year shot up to a 3.6 gpa)
    * Rank: School does not rank.
    * Other stats: Second Honors

    [ b]Subjective:[/b]

    * ECs listed on app: French Foreign Exchange, William Paterson University Language Poetry Contest (Spanish Native), Glee Club (Leadership Position: Principle Piano Accompanist), Student Ambassador, Piano Class for 8 years (working for diploma this year)
    * Job/Work Experience: Teacher Aid for Summer Rec Program 3 years
    * Essays (subject and responses): Wrote about French Foreign Exchange ( I went to France, and stayed at a host's house, and went to school there. Vice Versa with French student)
    * Teacher Recs: Awesome
    * Counselor Rec: Awesome
    [ *] Applied on: December 1st
    * Hook (if any):

    [ b]Location/Person:[/b]

    * State or Country: New Jersey
    * School Type, Average Stats of School (if available): Private, All-girls Catholic School
    * Ethnicity: Hispanic
    * Gender: Female

    [ b]General Comments/Congratulations/Venting/Commiserations,etc:[/b]
    Honestly, I have NO IDEA how i got in. I am sooooo happy! They are offering me over 47k in financial aid! I might go; I have to visit the school again.

    Dude thats what he put! not lyinggg haha

    Same to you sat4lyfe :)
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