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unique situation

cep361cep361 123 replies96 threads Junior Member
edited March 2010 in Boston University
I am thinking of quite possibly applying RD next year to BU as a safety, because both of my grandparents graduated from here, my aunt graduated from law school here, and one of the chemistry professors is one of my father's friends of whom I've known since I was a baby. However, I have a complicated situation, and I hope the admissions officers will understand this. I have been living through child abuse for a decade, having a fatally ill father, and a mother suffering from a mental illness who has been through a pyschiatric ward twice, and maybe going on her third, plus having restrictions on the amount of time given for school work on the computer, so there have been many limitations for me throughout my life. I also want to stress in my essay that in my father's family, there have only been four college graduates in the entire family ever, including 3rd cousins ect, therefore going to college and becomming a college graduate is a very important thing for me. As these are very difficult circumstances to have to have put up with throughout my life, I hope the admissions officers will understand this.

Below are my stats:

Gender: F

State: MA

Ethnicity: African American

GPA (unweighted)-3.4

GPA (Weighted)- 4.17

SAT: Reading, 800
Math: 760
Writing: 800

Extra Curricular Activites:

9th, 10th, 11th, (and 12th for next year) member and violinst of the school orchestra
Copy editor of the school newspaper 10th grade
President and creator of my of high school STAND chapter (Students Taking Action Now: Darfur) 11th grade, and will continue till I graduate
Member of Tri-M Music Honor society- 11th grade, (and continue next year)

Interests in Volunteering:

One of the things that I am most passionate about is increasing the literacy rate for lower-income children across the nation. I am really passionate about volunteering, and am considering entering the Ameri-corps after college graduation for a year. I had tried to volunteer at non-profit organizations that were geared towards my interest in education and literacy, especially catering towards helping lower-income children in inner-cities. It is important for me to help these children, especially since I have a parent that grew up in a very low-income inner-city Boston neighborhood, and came out of the Boston public school system. I also still have family that live in poorer areas in inner-city boston, so it is close to my heart to help many of these disadvantaged children throughout the country.

Volunteer Work: (450 hours and counting)

Registration Coordinator for First Book, a non-profit organization based in D.C, which helps distribute free or reduced-priced books to lower income children across the nation. As a registration coordinator I had reached out to many different Title 1 schools, and after school programs that serve over 80% of low income children. To date, I have helped over 25 schools and after school programs including Washington D.C, New York City, and around the inner-city Boston area in Massachusetts, recieve free or reduced priced books.

Volunteer at an elementary school after-school program in my hometown, (11th grade and continue on in 12th grade)

Volunteer for Student Solutions, a non-profit organization based in North Carolina, which helps increase the literacy rate in children across America by providing literary and eduacational resources to schools in need. As a volunteer, I helped create databases of schools across the country that Student Solutions would reach out to to provide educational resources and materials to.

Volunteer for Nanubai, a non-profit organization based in India, which helps keep women and children in schools and India, and also helps increase the literacy rate among them.


Winner of First Book Registration Coordinator Challange

Presidents Volunteer Service Award- Gold

Congressional Award- Bronze Certificate

Congressional Award- Silver Certificate

Congressional Award- Gold Certificate

*The only problem is that I go to a really competitve high school where most people do well,( I have a class of about 360) I'm probably not going to be in the top ten percent of my class, bt maybe the top quarter, I'm not sure yet. Do you think I still might have a chance?

*I am also about to start my own non-profit organization called "Change for Changing Lives" that helps benefit low-income children in inner city schools and will raise money to help provide educational resources.

*Does it also help that my school is not diverse at all, and I'm one of the only African Americans at my school? Do colleges pay attention to that?
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