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Orientation and impact on applications/enrollment

2019RuralMe2019RuralMe 79 replies16 threads Junior Member
My son is going through Bowdoin's orientation this week. Listening to him talk about the program/process, and listening to the stories and adventures he's experiencing, I can't help but wonder, Does orientation week and the "freshmen hype" that goes with it generate applications by HS seniors watching their once upperclassmen experiences via Instagram/snapchat/etc?
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Replies to: Orientation and impact on applications/enrollment

  • homerdoghomerdog 8308 replies119 threads Senior Member
    Our S is a first year at Bowdoin too. I do think that Bowdoin likes a student who enjoys the outdoors. They think those kids are a fit for the school. Makes sense - they want kids there who will take advantage of the surrounding nature and be happy with that experience. If high school seniors who like the outdoors see kids enjoying these orientation trips then I'm sure it makes Bowdoin interesting to them. It's a win win. In S19's short experience so far, it seems like Bowdoin does a very good job at finding kids who fit the school.
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  • alum88alum88 127 replies4 threads Junior Member
    They've been doing these orientation trips for more than 30 years, long before Instagram.

    Also, I don't think it's a disadvantage as an applicant if you are not "outdoorsy." My sense is that the school prides itself on students gaining an appreciation for the outdoors, and especially the Maine coast, after spending four years there (even not so inclined beforehand).
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  • momsquared33momsquared33 62 replies0 threads Junior Member
    yes my son is a freshman there this year as well. He loved the outdoorsy trip, but many of his friends did non outdoorsy orientation trips. The trip was awesome on creating an initial group with whom to bond!
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