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Brandeis Fall 2017 Transfer Thread


Replies to: Brandeis Fall 2017 Transfer Thread

  • zenalczenalc Registered User Posts: 28 Junior Member
    Can you guys please check your Brandeis application status page? My application was deemed complete on March 17, but right now as I checked, it says that is incomplete because it is missing the transfer mid-year report... Is this just a bug on my side, or does everyone have this bug?

    Please let me know, thanks.
  • sPib9Kiv9anD0aWdsPib9Kiv9anD0aWd Registered User Posts: 40 Junior Member

    this is what mine says:

    Your Application

    Your Transfer Decision application is complete and the Admissions Committee is busy reviewing your file. Take this time to enjoy the rest of your school year and know that we will review all of your credentials thoroughly. We encourage you to visit campus or take our virtual tour. If you are applying for financial aid, please confirm that your application has been submitted to Student Financial Services. And over the next few months be sure to watch your email for future correspondence from the admissions office.

    I hope that helps!
  • luckybabyluckybaby Registered User Posts: 494 Member
    At what part of the portal do you find this information? @zenalc @sPib9Kiv9anD0aWd
  • BelovedInfidelBelovedInfidel Registered User Posts: 35 Junior Member
    edited April 2017
    @zenalc Your stats are stellar academically; it's clear you're intelligent and driven to succeed. Your international status certainly brings a lot of things to the table that US applications simply do not (fluency in five languages, impressive!), but like you said, the financial aid package seems to be the riskiest element of your application to Brandeis. I've heard from my good friend (she earned her master's at Brandeis) that they tend to prefer applicants not only able to handle academic rigor, but who have a special interest in the school itself and not just as, say, an Ivy safety. To this end, I think your persistence (applying again despite being rejected) will demonstrate your sincere interest in succeeding at Brandeis specifically, which is appealing. That said, I'm not an expert, but I would be surprised if you were not at the very least accepted, if not given workable financial aid. Schools, for whatever reason, simply cannot fund all of the applicants they would like to have attend.

    My situation is a little unusual. I am nearly a decade out of high school and have been attending community college for two years. I will have earned 51 credits by May, maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout college, and filled my semesters with general education courses as well as all of the psychology, philosophy, and religion courses available at my particular CC. I have three excellent letters of recommendation. My essays are strong and specific, connecting the years between high school and the present with my passion for philosophy and its practical applications with respect to social issues (namely homelessness, uneven distribution of wealth, the treatment of the mentally ill in the US).

    I was also able to schedule an interview with a current senior, which went beautifully. My interest in Brandeis is rooted in not only its general stats (excellent research university, small liberal-arts feel, community, small student-faculty ratio, etc) but in the presence of one particular class taught by one particular instructor: Simone Weil taught by Palle Yourgrau, who has written beautifully on the French philosopher-mystic and whose book I brought to my interview to underscore my interest. There is no equivalent course at any school in the Boston area that I am aware of; it makes Brandeis my first choice, which I was not shy to tell my interviewer.

    As for financial aid, my EFC is exactly $0, which means I need a good chunk of aid in order to be able to afford Brandeis. Boston University gave me a solid financial aid package of 40k, which makes attendance doable since I'll be living off campus with my family. Like you, I am also concerned that Brandeis won't offer enough aid to make attendance feasible even if they accept my application.

    I should mention my high school stats are hot garbage: less than a 3.0 GPA, good marks in AP and honors courses, lackluster extracurriculars, terrible attendance. Everything I've read and heard firsthand says that colleges weigh academic work completed while in college more heavily than work completed in high school, especially if you have some rigorous college courses under your belt. Generally, the more college work you've completed, the less your high school record counts for.

    This is a long-winded reply, but I'm anxious to hear back from Brandeis too! Relatedly: soccer is the best, I played midfield and defense for ten years (albeit ten years ago-- where does the time go?). Not sure if you know, but Brandeis offers Bubble Soccer as an intramural sport. It's exactly as hilarious as it sounds.

    @sPib9Kiv9anD0aWd I also looked at transferring to the University of Michigan, but decided against it because of it's location (too far away for my family obligations). University of Michigan is definitely an excellent school. What are you going for? Depending on the major, Brandeis and UM may offer substantially different experiences. I've been on the Brandeis campus several times and can vouch for its small, liberal-arts college feel and its community vibe. It's also very close to Boston and public transit is excellent, so if being near a bustling metropolis is important, Brandeis may be more appealing. Waltham, the city Brandeis is in, also has amazing restaurants on Moody St.

    Practically speaking, I'd wait to hear back from Brandeis for as long as possible in order to give yourself a chance to compare financial aid packages.
  • catlalibcatlalib Registered User Posts: 91 Junior Member
    Hi everybody. My son applied to Brandeis for Film, Television and interactive media. He's coming from a CC, associate degree in Gen Ed. College Gpa: 3.6, it should go up. Was in a vocational school before, web design and programing, gpa: 3.6. ECs: animation 2D and 3D at Lesley, Film production 1 @BU, and a professional certificate in screenwriting at Emerson college (3 semesters). He has 2 jobs, one where he works easaly 15 hours per week as a manager. He is 19 years old. I don't think his essays were stellar. But he has excellent letters of recommandation. He is bilingual French/American. He applied to BU and Emerson, that last one being his top choice. He is accepted to Suffolk and Umass Boston. Suffolk would be his best back up regarding the FA he received. We are waiting to hear back from Emerson, BU and Brandeis. If FA is not good, he won't attend those dream school. He will work hard to apply to a university in LA. He considers BU and Brandeis as reaches. But we never know. Happy to find a thread for transfering students to Brandeis. Crossing my fingers for all of you. Good luck !
  • amoore001amoore001 Registered User Posts: 105 Junior Member
    Do you guys think I have a chance for transfer admission?
    College GPA: 4.0
    High School: 3.4 weighted GPA
    SAT-Opt Out
    I took 10 AP Classes All in total

    I am a black male from the hood, who watched his cousin get shot by gang members, and has had to take care of a mom who had a stroke. But I have some very awesome extra curricular activities. I am president of my school's debate team, and I've had to be the coach and president because our school couldn't afford a coach. I am ranked as the best teenage orator in my city, and one of the top 80 orators in the nation. First black to win the California State championship in speech and debate. I started a tutoring program for black students at my school, because blacks were performing way lower than other ethnic groups. And because of that program, all of the failing black students who participated in the program ended up passing. I interned for a state senator, and when interning for him I hosted a debate tournament for inner-city youth. In addition, I wrote a bill called AB 672 which gives assistance to prisoners who are wrongfully convicted. The bill that I wrote was actually voted by the California State senate and signed by the state governor, and now the bill I wrote is now in effect. I also have won several awards for Mock Trial, Academic Decathlon, and I am a columnist for a local newspaper. I also have stopped a lot of peers in my neighborhood from joining gangs and getting addicted to drugs. My grades are low, but I've done amazing things. Do you think that they'll look past my low high school gpa and test scores and give me a chance?
  • BelovedInfidelBelovedInfidel Registered User Posts: 35 Junior Member

    I definitely think you've got a shot at Brandeis. Your college GPA shows that you can handle the rigor of college classes and if you did well on your AP classes in high school, that will strengthen your academic profile. What's most compelling about you, from my perspective, is your service-oriented activities. You see a problem and address it with measurable success-- failing black students passed their classes because of your tutoring program, the bill you wrote to assist wrongfully convicted prisoners is now in effect. These are impressive accomplishments. You've also suffered some Real ****: your mother's stroke, your cousin getting shot by gang members. These experiences mean you potentially have insights that other students at Brandeis will not, and that's a good thing.

    From what I understand, Brandeis is big on community service in the sense that it encourages students to consider the ways in which they can give back to their communities and use their education to address real issues in the world. You've already done that. Show Brandeis your passion, what makes you special, and what about Brandeis makes it a great fit for you, and I'd be surprised if you weren't accepted.

    Some things to consider: how does your major(s) fit with Brandeis' offerings? What are some potential career paths you see yourself pursuing, and how can Brandeis get you there? I gather that a lot of applicants treat Brandeis as an Ivy League safety, which is not the vibe you want to give off. Your interest in the school should be sincere. If you can, schedule an interview; I had a great time with the current senior I interviewed with and feel like it gave me a way to show Brandeis aspects of myself not readily apparent on the application.

    That said, good luck!
  • amoore001amoore001 Registered User Posts: 105 Junior Member
    @BelovedInfidel Thank you very much. I definitely agree with you.
  • sPib9Kiv9anD0aWdsPib9Kiv9anD0aWd Registered User Posts: 40 Junior Member
    So these last two years the first round of decisions have come out on the second to last thursday of april. So i think there's a pretty good chance that some decisions are released two days from now.
  • BelovedInfidelBelovedInfidel Registered User Posts: 35 Junior Member
    I hope you're right, @sPib9Kiv9anD0aWd. I can't wait any longer!
  • zenalczenalc Registered User Posts: 28 Junior Member
    I did not get any decision emails today. What about everyone else?

    We are like a transfer student family here, so let's all help each other out!
  • Bostonlover2Bostonlover2 Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    Hey guys have any of you have heard back from Brandeis?
  • sPib9Kiv9anD0aWdsPib9Kiv9anD0aWd Registered User Posts: 40 Junior Member
  • catlalibcatlalib Registered User Posts: 91 Junior Member
    No news.
  • luckybabyluckybaby Registered User Posts: 494 Member
    Does anyone know when will the first wave come out?
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