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Transferring from out of state

hermannshermanns 576 replies9 threads Member
I am strongly considering applying to BYU as a transfer for their business school as a Finance major. I do have some questions though. Based on there required prerequisite courses for the business school, I should have that covered, the classes I have taken are virtually the same name and description, so I am pretty sure they will accept them after I fax them the necessary things to do so.

Anyways, I am more concerned about how they are on accepting non LDS. I am Baptist, and I will have no problem getting an ecclesiastical recommendation from my pastor, and I have an AA degree from santa fe community college in florida with a 3.93 overall gpa and 4.0 in BYU B school prereqs. The only thing I lack are good extracurricular activities to put on the application, but I am going to do either some volunteering or interning this summer in either banking or accounting, or will they prefer community service over this? BYU is my top choice right now based on cost, the fact that my classes will likely transfer and I won't have to take a ton more like at some other out of state schools, and most importantly I like the idea of going to a school that doesn't have drinking or drugs as it is a better learning environment. I really care about maintaining a 3.9+ gpa wherever I go.

I appreciate any insight into BYU. I plan to call them up tomorrow and talk in depth with them, but wanted to see if anyone on here could have some additional info, especially on how they are on accepting non LDS member, but I am assuming the school is so heavily LDS because they by far represent the majority of applicants.
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