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Does anyone do the Concurrent Baccalaureate/Master's Degree program for CS?

StonesnStonesn 500 replies105 threads Member
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Brown CS: Fifth Year and Masters Information

Is it hard to get a masters in 4 years at Brown for Computer Science?

Also, my parents seem hung up in NOT making me get a masters from Brown--they want me to get a Masters from a "top" CS school like CMU, MIT, Berkeley. They think a Brown Masters won't get me as good of a job.

That leads me to my next question: will getting a masters in CS from Brown enable me to get the same oppurtunities/jobs/internships as Master students at MIT, stanford, etc?

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Replies to: Does anyone do the Concurrent Baccalaureate/Master's Degree program for CS?

  • BrownAlumParentBrownAlumParent 651 replies10 threads Member
    I have a close family friend who did the 5 year ScB/Master in CS at Brown. I don't know if you can do it in just 4. (Often a masters is 2 years after undergrad degree.) He had great job offers. If you PM me I can get you in touch with him.
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  • BrownParentBrownParent 12597 replies179 threads Senior Member
    I hadn't heard of the concurrent program before, but you'd better be highly advanced in your maths and foundationals if you are going to go that route. About the 5 year Masters, students who take that often get into their top choice grad school. My own D decided to go straight into a PhD program so is essentially doing 2 years there, but it is paid for.

    I'm sure the job ops are excellent, but you don't seem to realize that it depends on you. What have you done? How attractive a candidate are you? No one will take you just cause you went to MIT either. Def the grad school options are great from what we saw from her friends.

    I guess you didn't get into MIT or STAN so all this handwringing? Anyway it is too early to worry so much, you can declare the 5 yr program later.

    I see it feels like you are shooting in the dark, and maybe if you and your parents want to be risk averse, perhaps UCLA is a better choice. I'm not sure you will have more opportunities, though. Are your parents knowledable of this or are they just a typical person making assumptions?
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  • StonesnStonesn 500 replies105 threads Member
    No, my parents are pretty-narrow minded, thats all.

    I would NOT mind having a Masters in CS in four years from Brown lol

    And I already commited to Brown, so its too late for UCLA haha.
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  • BigFireBigFire 192 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Go get an internship during your undergraduate, you may change your mind, and decide not go to graduate school by then. At Brown, you should be able to secure a summer job easily if you are doing ok with your grade.
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  • BrownParentBrownParent 12597 replies179 threads Senior Member
    Congrats on your decision Stonesn, I'm sure you'll be happy with it. Talk to your advisor about these options when you get there. Remember they want to see breadth too, so don't only take CS courses, take a couple other classes your first year.
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  • UrooglaUroogla 1426 replies5 threads Senior Member
    As far as I know, the concurrent program is done by 1 person every couple years. It'd require an immense amount of CS and pretty much limit your ability to take anything else (plus require 5 courses some terms).

    The sense I've gotten is that if you're at all considering a PhD program, Masters are frowned upon except for those awarded by your undergrad program. Moreover, I don't know a single person who has elected to get a masters right out of undergrad, unless it's still at Brown. Such a degree is probably unnecessary at first (or overall), and some companies will subsidize a masters after you've worked for them.
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