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Retake a 2220?

hevydevyhevydevy 256 replies19 threads Junior Member
edited November 2012 in Brown University
Hello all,

I just received my scores yesterday and I earned a 2220. (760,720,740).

I'm applying ED and I'm expecting to get deferred. Would it make sense to take the December SAT especially if I think I'm capable of an 800 in CR (I was one question away) and a 750 in math (tough curve meant a -3 was a 720) and send them back to Brown if they are better so they can reevaluate me with RD and better scores?

My ECs are meh, no major awards, etc., so I really feel like I need to up my scores, but I'm not sure if I am being just the average worrying CCer.

I am also applying EA to UChicago, and if I get deferred/rejected from both, I plan on applying to Columbia, Princeton, Reed, Swarthmore, NYU, McGill and maybe a few others.


I should also probably mention that I am 6/69something at a large and very uncompetative, urban, and dirt poor school. (Not sure if that helps or hurts me.) My GPA is like a 3.94 UW and like a 4.79 W.

6 APs so far, another 5 this year.

So, GPA and rank is fine.
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Replies to: Retake a 2220?

  • Froma2z123Froma2z123 78 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Your scores are great, but there's not really much harm in taking it again in December. Hopefully you won't need to, but still! I say go for it.
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  • Aj1410Aj1410 318 replies35 threads Member
    I dont think you really need to retake it... but if you really want to, make sure you are not taking time to study for your SAT while neglecting other school/application work.
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  • fireandrainfireandrain 4685 replies54 threads Senior Member
    The only reason you should retake the SAT is if you are applying for a merit scholarship where you need a higher score to qualify. For Brown, those scores are excellent. I just don't know why you'd want to spend 3 hours retaking a test when there are so many more important and fun things to do with one's time.
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  • MandoggyMandoggy 173 replies52 threads Junior Member
    don't stress man you're good.
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  • jonesguy14jonesguy14 43 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Don't. Students overvalue SAT scores; as long as you are in the "range", the admissions people will move on and look at other things, such as ECs, grades, etc.
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  • PineappleBoatPineappleBoat 27 replies1 threads New Member
    I second jonesguy14. As long as your scores are in the range, it's not really worthwhile to retake. Instead, you should be spending time on writing college essays or refining your resume.
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  • muckdogs07muckdogs07 1135 replies31 threads Senior Member
    Assuming you want to attend Brown or Chicago, I would retake in December given that factors like SATs are probably going to be your major strengths in light of your solid but not great ECs and class rank in top 10% but not top 5% or higher, which is what the Browns of the world like to see.
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  • ak5528ak5528 83 replies6 threads Junior Member
    The OP is in the top 1%
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  • hevydevyhevydevy 256 replies19 threads Junior Member
    Yeah dude. 6th out of 69-something, meaning 69(0-9). Pretty sure it's 1. Still, top 1%

    The five people in front of me have a 4.0 and I have a 3.94.
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  • LoremIpsumLoremIpsum 3481 replies20 threads Senior Member
    Yeah dude. 6th out of 69-something, meaning 69(0-9). Pretty sure it's 1. Still, top 1%

    6th out of 69 is barely top 10%, not top 1%.
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  • PhilovitistPhilovitist 2695 replies44 threads Senior Member
    six-nine-something, dude. There's a third digit.

    Retaking the SAT will probably not significantly affect your chances of getting into Brown.

    You need to write a particularly good essay and have teachers who love you.
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  • hevydevyhevydevy 256 replies19 threads Junior Member
    I didn't think it was that hard to get, especially considering I follow it with "...at a large and very uncompetative, urban, and dirt poor school. (Not sure if that helps or hurts me.)"

    As for essays, I like my supplements a lot and my common app is interesting. I'm a poor judge of my own writing simply because I've never been given the opportunity at unbiased, objective, and critical judgement.

    Oh, and as for recs, both teachers really like me.
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  • bruno14bruno14 2030 replies22 threads Senior Member
    Make sure you show your supplements to other people. High school teachers who know you well would be good choices, as would relatives.
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  • actionableactionable 16 replies2 threads New Member
    I think to retake may be a good choice as a 2300 can at times give you an edge as being academically very capable, given that you think you can do better at it.
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  • FredaGFredaG 13 replies3 threads New Member
    I don't think you need to retake it
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  • 525lazy525lazy 13 replies0 threads New Member
    just take a shot, it won't harm you
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