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Brown Class of 2022 Applicants Discussion


Replies to: Brown Class of 2022 Applicants Discussion

  • LondonVallLondonVall 238 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @lizzy1234 if your rule only works for some people and not for others, then it's not a rule :)) that's what we call a coincidence
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  • GencmomGencmom 39 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Good point @LondonVall I have no idea if the financial aid documents mean anything--we didn't get that far bc my D did ED at another school. But if she had applied to Brown RD as planned, I may have offered my opinion/experience without trying to come off as an expert, which I most certainly am not. But I would have done it politely and with respect for others' opinions. I do know, however, that Brown gets 30K+ applications, and one cannot make any conclusions based on the reports of a few people on CC. In an epidemiological study, this would be ascertainment bias. Also, as pointed out by @lizzy1234, one would be relying on self reporting by people here, and who knows if people are telling the truth or remembering correctly. Maybe somebody could just ask Brown.
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  • apdns19apdns19 230 replies0 threads Junior Member
    edited March 2018
    @lizzy1234 IDOC and rejected at Brown, Harvard and Georgetown. No IDOC and accepted to other schools. Waitlisted schools are a mixture.
    edited March 2018
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  • emily523emily523 40 replies1 threads Junior Member
    got accepted!! so happy but also so sad because they offered zero financial aid :(
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  • Harpguy2022Harpguy2022 108 replies11 threads Junior Member
    @mlunghi London college so I can get off the wait list ;)
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  • snaccbrownsnaccbrown 20 replies0 threads Junior Member
    edited March 2018
    Someting strange I noticed was how little Brown admitted compared to last years where anticipated class sizes are equal or even less. I'm hoping this translates to a lot of waitlist movement.

    Is there any reason to believe that Brown's yield rate could be abnormally high this year?
    edited March 2018
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  • MarzzzMarzzz 88 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Somebody please help me choose between Brown and Wellesley. I've heard Brown is a party school and most students are extroverts and really outgoing. I'm the opposite! Im afraid i wont fit in socially at Brown
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  • SE1619SE1619 33 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @snaccbrown They seem to think the yield rate will be higher this year.

    From the article in The Brown Daily Herald, "Powell said that the Brown Promise initiative, the addition of another A Day on College Hill program and the doubling of travel grants should increase the yield rate of admitted students, which is one reason why the acceptance rate is lower this year."

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  • yongxiuyongxiu 13 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Could someone who is waitlisted please tell me how long you have to accept or decline your place on the waitlist?

    My daughter is in Europe on a school trip and she does not want to check her Brown portal till she gets home (for fear of ruining her vacation). However, I'm concerned that if she waitlisted she won't know it and miss her opportunity to accept a place on the WL. Thanks!
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  • VolunteerismVolunteerism 414 replies4 threads Member
  • Harpguy2022Harpguy2022 108 replies11 threads Junior Member
    I guess let's hope that they don't increase their yield and take a lot of us!!
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  • ohiocollegemomohiocollegemom 15 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I am late to this, but it was an exciting journey backwards to see what started the discussion about IDOC. I feel for you kids, but know that someone wise told me that a college name can get you that first job interview. Everything after that is up to you!

    This is a mute point, but I found this on Brown's IDOC Questions and Answers, a link takes you to Instructions for US Citizens and Permanent Residents, and then under FAFSA and IDOC - College Board's Institutional Documents Service (IDOC)

    "The Office of Financial Aid uses the College Board’s IDOC service to electronically collect tax and other financial documents from families.
    Brown does not require an IDOC packet from every family - only upon request.
    Once you have filed your CSS/PROFILE, you may receive an email communication from the College Board providing you with instructions on how to submit any additional requirements through IDOC. Possible additional requirements through IDOC may include:
    2016 federal income tax return for custodial parent(s) (or non-tax filer statement)
    2016 federal income tax return for student (or non-tax filer statement)
    2016 federal income tax return for noncustodial parent, if applicable (or non-tax filer statement)
    2016 federal income tax return for partnerships and/or corporations, if applicable
    If you do not receive a request from IDOC, the Office of Financial Aid has enough information to provide an estimated financial aid award at the time of admission."

    The data set that is missing is whether Brown (contrary to their own language above) requires verification of some or all tax documents for 100% of accepted students filing for financial aid in this category of citizenship. There may be a strong correlation between acceptance and applicants with requested individual tax documents. There is certainly evidence of that on this thread, but it doesn't tell the whole story.

    For next year's group, I hope you stumble over this post.

    I am glad this college season is OVER. :)
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  • nrtlax33nrtlax33 671 replies15 threads Member
    @Marzzz : You are interested in Biochem so you won't have too much time to party anyway. Wellesley is not co-ed and honestly I think that alone seems to be a determinate factor for a lot of people. No two Brown students are the same. You will find your friends.
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  • baltimoreguybaltimoreguy 274 replies16 threads Junior Member
    I'll be interested to see how much the removal of student loans from aid packages boosts yield - it can only help, as that definitely made Brown less appealing than competitor schools in the past.
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  • snaccbrownsnaccbrown 20 replies0 threads Junior Member
    All those programs won't matter if students can't pay for it and Brown offers bad financial aid packages (which is what I've been hearing) - I'm hoping for low yield rates.
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  • MarzzzMarzzz 88 replies6 threads Junior Member
    I actually liked the fact that wellesley is not co-ed lol. And i applied for engineering at Brown. But thanks! Ill probably end up going to Brown
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  • NPKNPK 6 replies1 threads New Member
    Please if it is okay only send me your essays. message me separately. My son rejected.
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  • wereallcrydownherewereallcrydownhere 1 replies0 threads New Member
    I obviously don’t know anything about you, but for me personally I would pick Wellesley. I was rejected to Wellesley and accepted to Brown (I’m a legacy for Brown so that definitely helped), but Wellesley was always my first choice and if I got in to Wellesley I would have gone there. Obviously both schools are insanely well respected and will offer you a great education so you’re good in that aspect no matter what, so I would just go with whatever school you think you’ll feel more comfortable in.

    For me I preferred an all women’s college (if I didn’t get into either Brown then I would have gone to Mount Holyoke), and as an introvert Wellesley’s apparent social scene really worked for me. I found it easier to talk to my tour guides/fellow prospective students at Wellesley than at Brown (though I’m not sure if this even means anything, if did definitely change my opinions of the school).
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  • meganddmegandd 3 replies0 threads New Member
    Ok, just to clarify, did anyone with only the CSS and FAFSA get in?
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  • momofcollegeboundmomofcollegebound 10 replies4 threads New Member
    Son was accepted!

    35 ACT
    800s on three SAT subject tests
    NMF and Scholar
    Strong ECs and community service
    Visited campus
    Great interview

    Accepted: Brown, Dartmouth, Duke, Northwestern, Bowdoin, Middlebury, Boston College, Colby, Fordham
    Accepted as 2nd year Transfer Student: Cornell
    Waitlisted: UPenn, Georgetown
    Rejected: Princeton (orginally deferred having applied SCEA)

    Happy and grateful!
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