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Brown Class of 2023 Applicants Discussion


Replies to: Brown Class of 2023 Applicants Discussion

  • EveeeeeEveeeee 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Wish I at least got deferred... rejected ahahaa
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  • Nocreativity1Nocreativity1 1112 replies55 threads Senior Member
    ^There goes the grading curve ^:)^ Congratulations to your friend.
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  • Nocreativity1Nocreativity1 1112 replies55 threads Senior Member
    ^Thankfully with well over 35,000 applicants for 2,500 offers of admission Brown can find a diverse population of students who are prepared to thrive academically and contribute to the Brown community. But I see what you were doing there, subtle and nuanced as it was.
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  • breadhateslifebreadhateslife 2 replies0 threads New Member
    Decision: Accepted

    SAT I (breakdown): 1460, Math: 780, English: 680
    ACT (breakdown): n/a
    SAT II: didn't send lmao
    Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): school doesn't do unweighted but my weighted is 4.16 (pretty low tbh)
    Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): n/a
    AP (place score in parenthesis): n/a
    IB (place score in parenthesis): n/a
    Senior Year Course Load: AP European History, AP French, AP AB Calculus, AP Art History, AP English Literature, Studio Art
    Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): n/a

    Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): National Honor Society (Member of decorative committee), Philosophy Club (vice pres), Students Concerned for the Needy (VP of Projects), Habitat for Humanity (Head of Fundraising Committee), Model UN, French Club
    Job/Work Experience: Worked as file clerk for an attorney for the last 2 years
    Volunteer/Community service: Youth Red Cross Council in my county (Membership Adviser),
    Summer Activities:
    Interned on Phil Murphy Gubernatorial Campaign 2k17
    Interned on Tom Malinowski Congressional Campaign 2k18
    Interned for partner of a law firm
    Essays (rating 1-10, details): 9.5, Ik that sounds cocky but deadass I swear my essays were the only thing pushing my application forward lmao. I actually really liked them, I tried to make them encapsulate my "personality" and kept working to make them memorable. I let myself be funny when I wanted to and talked about things I genuinely wanted to talk about. Also my essays were really personal. Each one was pretty specific to me and kind of made the reader (at least my intention anyways) sort of resonate with my "character"
    Recommendations (rating 1-10, details): 8, I know one of my reccomendations was really good but the other one I can't be sure because I lowkey had a breakdown in front of that teacher and idk how she interpreted that.
    Teacher Rec #1: One was my ap chem teacher/philosophy club adviser and this one I think really pushed me forward. I have a really good relationship w him. He's very eccentric and he helped me find direction when I was in a low place.
    Teacher Rec #2: This one I can't be sure about. I was a good student and nice to her but there was no real personal relationship. I broke down in front of her once and I think she maybe sympathized w me but it didn't exactly bridge us together so who knows tbh.
    Counselor Rec: No idea, my counselor barely knows me
    Additional Rec: none
    Interview: My interview went really well. It was over the phone and we actually had a really fun and engaging conversation. We talked for like an hour and a half. I made her laugh a few times too which raised my confidence teehee. She was really sweet By the end of it she said she hoped I got good news in December which was a little telling of how the interview went.


    Applied for Financial Aid?: lmao haven't applied for fasfa yet ... college tuition? who is she
    Intended Major: Double major in international relations and literary arts
    State (if domestic applicant): NJ
    Country (if international applicant): US
    School Type: Public
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Gender: Female
    Income Bracket: 80k
    Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): URM

    Strengths: My essays were very passionate, shout-out to my aries moon haha. Also my extracurriculars and classes and essays made me out to be a pretty "pointy" individual in that most of my stuff fell into the political science / law side of things. (My long term goal is law school so that's important ). I think that helped me sell myself as an applicant.
    My gpa lmao lowest out of all of my friends I'm gagging. Also no awards bc I was dumb and insecure about my writing and also deadlines and I don't get along so ...
    Why you think you were accepted/deferred/rejected:
    Cohesive application, personality really shined through while also being pretty personal,
    Where else were you accepted/deferred/rejected:
    None bc ED
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  • apmaster10apmaster10 94 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Congrats to all those who got accepted (I'm not one of them)! To all those who also got deferred and rejected, do not lose hope! You will still get into a fantastic school! I know of someone who got denied by Brandeis, Tufts, Cornell, Brown, and UPenn (applied ED and got immediately rejected without a deferral); waitlisted by Williams and Harvard; and accepted by Stanford, Princeton, and MIT! It truly is a crapshoot!
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  • skieuropeskieurope 40458 replies7511 threads Super Moderator
    Might I remind users that one of the key principles of this site is treating other users with respect. No name-calling or shade-throwing is allowed. Several posts deleted.
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  • leftycurveleftycurve 11 replies0 threads New Member
    edited December 2018
    S denied

    Unweighted GPA 95.34, weighted 99.87.
    SAT I 1570, (EBRW 770/Math 800) ,
    Essay score :11.
    SAT II Math 2: 800, Physics 2:: 780,
    AP Scholar with Distinction
    5 APS: (Eng 5, Physics 5, Statistics 5, US History 4, World History 4)
    Enrolled in 5 Aps Senior year and plans on taking the exam for a 6th
    ECs : Junior Varsity Baseball, Varsity Baseball (Captain)
    Varsity Track (Freshman year),
    President of the Quiz Bowl Team
    School Peer Tutoring Program
    National Honor Society
    Lang Honor Society
    Math Honor Society
    History Honor Society
    Science Honor Society
    Volunteered at the local library two summers.
    Misc award: Finalist for” Code-A-thon” 2-day Event the Science Research Class sent them to.
    1. Calc/PreCalc teacher/advisor/mentor/club advisor who is a Brown Alum
    2. history teacher
    3. guidance counselor.
    Rank 10 of 207 (top 5%)

    Advisor was reportedly in shock.
    Personally, I'm a bit ticked off.
    S questions a comment his interviewer made re: his giving the "Brown answers". Common essay was very cerebral and analytical about taking months to solve a math problem on his own, (Euler's identity) passions for math, etc. Maybe it wasn't catchy/entertaining enough for "non math people". Admins in his school were impressed.
    I guess I'm surprised he wasn't at least deferred.

    edited December 2018
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  • stressed2019stressed2019 106 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Will this thread be used for RD as well?
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  • MyGPAIsAnLMyGPAIsAnL 193 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @thousandmoons Congrats! However, why do you think your mission trip essay stood out? I was advised not to write about a mission trip as it would seem pretentious and that it seems "fake" that an applicant would experience personal change from only a small amount of time
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  • agbrown129agbrown129 2 replies0 threads New Member
    I think Brown is doing an amazing thing if they are basing their admissions on more than just numbers or achievements. It is crucial to have diversity in experience for a proper education; it provides a variety of opinion and beliefs and thinking processes. Brown knows and values this, and that is something I respect and everyone should. Maybe they also take into account interest, specificity, and who they think best matches their school. Nonetheless, I am sure your son will find a college he matches with and I wish you all the best!
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  • janeeyre1janeeyre1 9 replies0 threads New Member
    I’m applying regular decision and Brown is my dream. when I write my numbers, you will probably laugh at the idea of me even applying but I would do anything for Brown. My SAT SS 1350, 710 E 640 M Essay 19
    ACT SS 29 C 27, E 35, R 31, M 23, S 27 Writing 29
    GPA 3.83 W: AP SS, English, Science- very competitive high school in NY around five kids got in to various Ivys already
    AP Scholar with Honor
    lots of ECs, varsity track 4 years and LOTS of volunteering
    I want to study history, pre-law
    am I completely rediculous for even applying?
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  • dairyqueendairyqueen 57 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @janeeyre1 ridiculous? not at all! my stats are lower than yours in some areas. tbh i'm just going for it and whatever happens, happens (:
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  • messifanmessifan 15 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Congratulations to all who got in!
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  • jonrijonri 7341 replies135 threads Senior Member
    @leftycurve I know it hurts, but if your S can pull himself together, I think there are some advantages to being denied rather than deferred. I've seen so many deferred kids put all their time and effort to changing deferred to admit. Most of the time, it doesn't work. (Obviously, some people do get deferred and then admitted, but most don't. ) So, let him lick his wounds for a day or two and then go do some more applications.

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  • ivygirl221ivygirl221 27 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Did anyone do/ Is anyone planning on doing the Video Portfolio? Which is basically an interview that you record of yourself??? Please let me know
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  • giraldigiraldi 27 replies2 threads Junior Member
    edited December 2018
    @janeeyre1 definitely not ridiculous. Your stats are very similar to mine. AP classes are not really offered at my school. I was deferred in the ED round
    edited December 2018
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