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Is improvement going to stand out with the admissions board?

gymnst123gymnst123 1 replies2 threads New Member
My grades in year 9 and 10 were not so good. It was mainly 70's and 80's ( low A's and mid B's in my school district) and now in year 11, my grades are all in the 90's. I have a pretty good SAT score of 1590 and my
subject test scores are Bio:800, Chemistry: 800, Math 2:800.
Is there anything else I can do to make up for my poor first two years of high school?
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Replies to: Is improvement going to stand out with the admissions board?

  • LindagafLindagaf 10992 replies592 threads Super Moderator
    Remember that Brown is a high reach for all. Your SAT scores will probably get your application a hard look to see why your grades in grades 9-10 were on the low side. Your application will be assessed in the context of your school profile, so perhaps they will be a little forgiving of your grades, but don’t count on it. Grades are usually the primary factor considered most important. Remember though that Brown uses holistic admission, so depending on the rest of the app, you might still have a chance.

    You can’t make up for the first two years of high school. There will be applicants with your test scores and perfect grades for four years, with no guarantee of admission. Keep doing your best, pursue your genuine interests, and come up with a balanced list of colleges that you like and can afford.
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  • collegemom9collegemom9 823 replies30 threads Member
    2 bad years is a lot to make up for. If you really want to apply then take a shot but Lindagaf is above that there will be
    many students with perfect everything who will not get in.
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