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Chance me for Brown ED - I'll chance back!

wistfulwordswistfulwords 207 replies17 threads Junior Member
I promised myself I wouldn't be doing another one of these, yet here we are.
GPA: ~3.75 uw, 4.45 w (strong upward trend)
SAT: 1570, 800 R&W and 770 M
SAT 2: Bio 740, Math 2 800, English 800, US History 750
Euro - 4
this year, I’m taking US History, Lang, Lit, Bio, Photography
school does not rank but I am taking heaviest courseload

Awards: Scholastic (1 Gold Medal, 1 Silver, 9 Gold Keys), semifinalist for national student poet(35/20,000) , foyle young poets commended (100/6000), Youngarts merit, some other but these are the ones I’m putting on my common app. (I’m also a finalist for USSYP rn)

1. Genre Editor at Polyphony Lit
2. Elected for national board of political organization
3. Journalist at LA Times, times of israel, huffpost, ny times, and eic of school newspaper
4. Co-captain of debate club
5. founder of school slam poetry club, competed at brave new voices
6. varsity cross country and swim
7. head of school photography club
8. founded a charity project in 10th grade where I taught art to kids in homeless shelters
9. intern for local representative campaigns
10. head of jewish debate mock-trial type club
11. drama club captain
12. teen intern at [home] county museum of art

my essays are going to be niche, but I do have experience writing. I just really love the environment in brown and from students who I've talked to there, it just seems like the right place for me.

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Replies to: Chance me for Brown ED - I'll chance back!

  • ppeach1ppeach1 2 replies0 threads New Member
    It looks like you have a really good shot but its a reach for anyone. I would give you 46% chance.
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  • ppeach1ppeach1 2 replies0 threads New Member
    SAT: 1560 superscore, M: 800, ERW: 760
    SATII; 800 M (sophomore year), 700 BIO (freshman year)
    GPA: Take all hardest courses offered including an independent study. My school doesn't calculate but I have mostly A's and A-'s, with about one B+ a year.
    1. Playing a lot of piano
    2-3. Year round Varsity Sports
    4. Interned at tech company over the summer
    5. President of App Development Club
    6. Won a trail half marathon
    7. math tutor
    8. 120 hours of community service on service trip
    9. Peer mentor tutor
    10. Politics stuff

    Supplements are all quite good imo. Essay is also very authentic, personal, and vulnerable.
    White Jewish male from NYC private school, lots of kids applying from school including 2 legacies. No legacy or connect.
    Applying for fa.
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  • Thomasato1234Thomasato1234 34 replies18 threads Junior Member
    You application looks solid, however I can’t really give a specific percent chance of acceptance because with these top tier schools you just never know.
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  • webuyourselveswebuyourselves 100 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I would say 80%. You have a very solid background. I would not be surprised if you get accepted. Pray for you!
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  • blondeboynjblondeboynj 101 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Your academics reach that Ivy "checkmark" that makes your decision come down to the other things. ECs and awards are phenomenal and over the top - you did plenty. I'd say it comes down to essay but pretty good odds.

    Male, New Jersey, attend a top 1000 high school, very liberal artsy style to my HS, "upper middle class, No Legacy (Parents attended Penn State), applying for International Relations/Poly Sci/Economics


    SAT I (breakdown): 1500 (750/750)

    SAT II: 680 Math II (Retaking for a perfect score), 680 US History

    GPA: Our school only reports WGPA out of 100, mine is a 97.54 and I got all As except for a B in AB Calc this MP. (Re calculated this would be a 3.8 Unweighted, 4.3 Weighted, HUGE upward trend, lots of Honors courses, close to the most rigorous schedule possible but balanced so I had time for ECs and can actually do well.) (Above a 95 GPA is NHS qualification)

    Rank: Not calculated by my school, trying to have my counselor figure it out. We have about 200 kids in our grade and a huge majority of them are within a 0.01 of eachother in terms of GPA.

    AP (place score in parenthesis): APUSH (5), APHUGE (4), AP Enviro (4) (These are all Junior yr, our school rarely lets you take more than 3-4 junior yr, and underclassmen never take APs w rare exceptions of transfer students)

    Senior Year Course Load:
    AP Gov, AP Spanish, AP Calc AB,
    -Half yr courses-
    Women's Literature and Contemporary Novels (Liberal arts college format elective English courses), CPR (Our health course), Public Speaking, Intro to Journalism, CP Astronomy, Managing Personal Finance (grad requirement)

    Major Awards (USAMO, Intel, etc.):
    AP Scholar, National Honor Society, Like 5-6 Model UN Awards
    (yes i lack in awards, sorry..)


    Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): Model UN (Senior Officer), Debate Club (Varsity Captain and Co-Founder), Student Council (Whole school elected Officer-Historian), Karate (Black & Red belt in Tang Soo Do), Jazz band guitarist, Campaign intern for Congressional bid that won in 2018, Digital Arts Club, Co Teacher for local Nature Classes for little kids, Golfer (Recreational and technically an alternate for the Varsity team)

    Job/Work Experience: Babysitting throughout my Junior yr consistently for a family once a week, Microsoft Excel programming for an orthopedic firm in town this winter

    Volunteer/Community service: My community service is really through my activities (NHS, Student Council, community garden) in which I've volunteered a lot of time to. I also volunteered for the Congressional campaign as above mentioned.

    Summer Activity: I took a class on Natural Resources in the Global Market at Columbia this summer. I also spent a lot of time doing research for a local exploratory committee for a community leader considering a Commissioners campaign. He chose not to run due to family things, but I put it on my app because it was a lot of time and effort with gathering voter data, working on mapping with Map GIS and more.

    Essay: My common App essay is about losing my aunt to suicide while in the4th grade and the event influencing my discovery of politics as a passion/outlet, in which I have become motivated on healthcare and mental health policy.


    Teacher Rec #1: My AP Enviro teacher, really kind guy who I did a lot of important research projects with and knew my academic commitment

    Teacher Rec #2: My sophomore English teacher (yes ik that's a controversial decision) who is really personable and I have had the most vulnerable and honest conversations out of all my teachers. She helped check my grammar on my essays before writing her rec letter and I think probably highlighted my personality traits. She's like lowkey my best friend as a teacher so.

    Counselor Rec: He's an uber dry guy but I've been the most committed to college with him and he's seen my brute passion/drive. He also told me he mentioned some personal struggles both academically and at home that he saw me overcome in a really positive way. This one makes me nervous but he said it went well.
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  • wistfulwordswistfulwords 207 replies17 threads Junior Member
    @ppeach1 I'd say your chances are about 40%. You have good stats but imo the thing that'll probably make you stand out from other applicants is your essay.

    @Thomasato1234 and @webuyourselves thank you!

    @blondeboynj I think your academics meet the ivy threshold, but I'd recommend making sure that your essay is about you instead of focusing too much on the loss of your aunt (which I am very sorry for and it's terrible that you had to go through that experience)
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  • TheBigChefTheBigChef 710 replies6 threads Member
    No offense to any of the posters here, but talk of unhooked applicants having an 80%, 40%, or 46% chance of getting into Brown is ludicrous. Brown had a 6.6% acceptance rate last year. For unhooked applicants, the real acceptance rate was below 5%. Realize that the majority of Brown applicants have outstanding qualifications, and then think about how small that acceptance rate really is. In any event, I wish all the posters here luck, but you should temper your expectations.
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  • wistfulwordswistfulwords 207 replies17 threads Junior Member
    @TheBigChef Brown's ED acceptance rate was 18% last year.
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  • TheBigChefTheBigChef 710 replies6 threads Member
    Remove the recruited athletes, under-represented minorities, first generation, development admits, and international slots from that 18%, and you get down to single digits real quick. For example, last year, 44% of the ED admits were people of color (which includes Asians) and 12% were first generation. Figure that there is some overlap with those groups, but you can estimate that about half the ED slots were taken by those two groups alone. If you were a non-first generation white kid, you are already down to 9%. And you still have to account for recruited athletes, legacy/development admits, and international applicants (which is not a hook, but in a separate category). Bottom line, you can't look at that 18% figure in a vacuum.
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  • blondeboynjblondeboynj 101 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Thanks! If you'd want to read my essay to check for that, I'd be down. Thanks for your kindness as well, I appreciate it.
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  • jxu316jxu316 20 replies1 threads Junior Member
    did u get in?
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