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Chance me plz!

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Honest opinions plz! Thanks. I'm a junior so my stats will increase before I apply (especially my GPA bc most of my classes are breezes this year)

White female in Massachusetts/Rhode Island- live in MA but attend top private school in RI (feeder for Brown and other Ivys)

ACT: 34 SAT II: Chem: 670 (probably won't submit), planning to take latin and Math II

GPA: 4.39w, 3.97uw My school doesn't rank.

Major: Applied Math with double major with either Classics or Theatre

I've taken the hardest courses possible at my school (some that I wasn't supposed to take) but my school is the worst with APs: 10th: CSP (5) and 3 honors, 11th: CSA, Physics 1, Lang, Latin and 2 honors, 12th(expected): Lit, Chem, BC Calc, Stats


Instructor: Karate (12+ years)

Fall Plays (Actor; 4 years)

Stage Manager: Winter Plays (Actor: 2 years, 2? years)

Stage Manager: Spring Musical (Actor: 2 years, 2? years)

1st Chair: Jazz Band Bari Sax: 4 years)

1st Chair: Wind Ensemble ( Flute: 4 years)

Captain next year: Mock Trial (2 years)

Founder and Leader: Hacking Club (2 years)

Captain next year: Science Olympiad (3 years)

Leader next year: Equal Voice (feminist club) (3 years)

Math Team (member) (4 years)

GSA (member) (2 years)

Astronomy club (2 years)


Counselor at camp for kids experiencing domestic violence (1 year)

Counselor at camp to teach inner-city kids Shakespeare (1 year)

Math peer tutor

Awards: NONE because I go to a school that (due to religion) doesn't really give awards or send students out for them

LOR: 8-9 Should be great: Honors PreCalc teacher and AP Latin teachers who are like second and third mothers to me

Essays: 8? who knows.
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