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Chance me for RD, I'll chance back

leoperidotleoperidot 2 replies2 threads New Member
not to be one of those people, and also with the acknowledgement that with schools like Brown and the other Ivies it's basically a crap shoot, etc, etc.

white girl from suburb of Boston, mediocre public school that sent one person to Brown last year but otherwise no one for years
SAT: 1550 (780 EBRW, 770 math)
SAT II: 770 lit, 760 math level 2, 750 physics (I'm sending all three and I know they're not great)
AP classes/exams taken: Lang (5), Lit (5), APUSH (5), BC Calc (5 w/ AB subscore 5), Micro (5)
AP classes this year: Psych, Stats, Physics 1 and 2
GPA weighted: 5.23
GPA unweighted: 4.0 probably, my school doesn't calculate it

also took a philosophy class at Brandeis University this semester, which isn't on my high school transcript, but I got an A+ in that

recommendations should be pretty good, I think?

- choir all four years, voice lessons, etc (sending in a music portfolio)
- treasurer of the NHS (wrote about this one)
- leader of a social justice club
- member of a teen dating violence prevention organization
- volunteered for a couple local/state campaigns
- captain of the quiz show team (stupid but we made it to TV so!)
- co-president of math circle/math league
- student representative on a couple different administration committees
- summer job at a history museum
- drama club all four years

as for awards, I got my school's Principal's Book Award, I'm an AP Scholar w/ Distinction, and this isn't academic but my city's Democratic party is naming me Hero of the Year for my volunteer work w/ the club at school and city council campaigns

so? any ideas?
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  • happysunflower18happysunflower18 6 replies1 threads New Member
    I think you have a good chance. Ofc Ivies are ivies but your stats are up to par and I’d say your ecs are too. Just make sure it shines through in essays.
    Chance me?
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  • leoperidotleoperidot 2 replies2 threads New Member
    thank you! what are your stats, so I can chance you?
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  • happysunflower18happysunflower18 6 replies1 threads New Member
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  • PurpleLlama066PurpleLlama066 92 replies7 threads Junior Member
    I'm no admissions counselor, but your stats definitely put you in the running and your ECS are fantastic. You subject test scores also seem pretty good (especially lit and physics). If your essays were good, I think you have a good chance, but like you sad ivies are crapshoots so don't get your hopes up. Best of luck: :)

    my stats:
    Male in Suburbs of Pennsylvania (of Indian descent)
    Intended major: Neuroscience/Computational Bio
    SAT: 1500 (800 M, 700 R/W)
    Weighted GPA: 5.7025
    UW GPA: 3.97-4 (although my have one B+ in Calc BC for senior year first semester)
    Rank: 8/294
    Subject Tests: 800 Chem, 800 Math 2
    Taking 6 APs senior year (Calc Bc, Physics C, Bio, Stat, Lit, Gov)
    Previous AP scores: Physics 1: 4, Calc AB: 5, Lang: 5, APUSH: 5, Chem: 4, Psych: 5, Euro: 5

    Science Olympiad (Co Captain), 4 years, 9+ awards at regional/invitational level
    Math Club (Secretary), 4 years
    Student Government (Class Treasurer), 2 years
    JV/Varsity Tennis (2 years JV, 2 years Varsity)
    Internship at major aircraft producer at Philadelphia facility
    Summer unpublished bio research at local university
    USTA travel team tennis (small awards)
    Academic Team (4 years, team made national tournament)
    Lots hours volunteering at local VA, lots of hours volunteering at tutoring center
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  • kimbokjookimbokjoo 37 replies0 threads Junior Member
    To be short and blunt: your ECs aren’t up to par. There’s not really a focus.
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  • descrexdescrex 25 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @kimbokjoo To be short and blunt, you're a junior. Calm down and stop demotivating OP. You don't really have a good idea of what a "good" applicant looks like yet.
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