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Brown 2025 ED Chance?

MonMountainMonMountain 2 replies1 threads New Member
edited July 10 in Brown University
Hi, I am a rising senior at a competitive suburban New York public high school who is interested in applying Early Decision to Brown in the fall.

GPA: ~96.0/100 (My high school doesn't rank students or give a weighted GPA.)

SAT: 1540 (770 M, 770 EBRW)
SAT Subject Tests: 800 US History, 780 Chemistry, 750 Physics

AP: Will have 15 by end of high school. So far – 4 on Chemistry and 5 on U.S. History. Predicting mostly 5s and maybe 1 4 on Biology, World History, Lang, Art History, and U.S. Govt. from this year. Will take Physics C (both), Macro, Micro, Lit, Calc BC, Euro, and French next year.

Extracurriculars: Editor-in-Chief of Newspaper, Sec-Gen. of Model U.N., Captain of Academic Quiz Bowl team. Also sing in Choir and A Cappella.

Summer: French Language Immersion program, Brown Pre-College course, Northwestern summer journalism workshop.

Awards: Multiple national writing awards including publication in a national newspaper and being named the New York state journalism scholar for a national competition.

I'm still choosing from a few essays I've written for the Common App but a major contender is one about being called a slur out of the blue and how it changed the way I thought others perceived me.

My likely intended concentrations will be History, Art History, or English.

I am not an URM nor a first-generation college student.

Thank you!
edited July 10
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Replies to: Brown 2025 ED Chance?

  • AustinSanJuanAustinSanJuan 13 replies1 threads New Member
    Wow! Firstly, I am also interested in applying ED for Brown for art history, so regardless of my input, I hope we’ll be sharing classes.
    Academically you seem as good as they come, especially with your large AP course load. Your ECs are solid, and your SAT is right where they want. I think your awards and summer programs show depth and exploration into your general area of study which is good as well.
    Remember that one of the Brown essays is about your intended area of study and the open curriculum so make sure you can explain it. Just putting that out there since you’re not 100% about your major. Also, this is a minor note, but colleges might wonder why you didn’t take the writing portion of the SAT as a strong writing and English person. I think overall it’ll be a non factor though.
    For the common app essay your idea has great potential, but you’ll need to construct it carefully to avoid cliche. Many people face adversity in the form of slurs so you’ll need to be very poignant with wording and impactful in what you learned. With your strong English background I have no doubt you’ll put together great essays. Overall, I think you have a solid shot, though of course it’s a crapshoot.
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  • MonMountainMonMountain 2 replies1 threads New Member
    Oops! Forgot to add my Writing score. It wasn't amazing and my counselor said it isn't a huge factor so I didn't even remember it haha. I got a 17/24.

    Thanks, and good luck to you too!
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  • collegeseeker01collegeseeker01 16 replies5 threads Junior Member
    I believe that you are qualified to apply to Brown ED. Your course rigor seems excellent, and the fact that you were able to maintain a 96/100 GPA with all of those AP classes is great. Your extracurriculars and SAT subject tests show that you are well rounded in your interests, which corresponds with the model of Brown's academic freedom/the open curriculum. In your supplement, try to mention how the open curriculum will benefit you because you have a variety of passions that you want to pursue at Brown and "shopping" courses will enhance the quality of your educational experience at Brown. Finally, I would avoid the common app essay that you mentioned above unless you really feel like that moment had a significant impact on your internal and external identities. Best of luck during the college admissions process
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  • MonMountainMonMountain 2 replies1 threads New Member
    OK – thanks so much! I think I probably have better essay ideas so I'll drop the one I mentioned.
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  • PikachuRocks15PikachuRocks15 525 replies2 threads Member
    I'm an incoming First-Year at Brown who applied ED, was deferred, but ultimately accepted RD. I HIGHLY recommend applying ED if ALL of the following are true:

    1. You LOVE Brown and would 110% attend if admitted.

    2. You're extremely confident that you can present a well thought out and crafted application by the ED Deadline of November 1st.

    3. You and your family can afford Brown if admitted (run the financial aid calculators if applicable.)

    I had similar test scores to you, however, over the course of the college admissions process I've learned that while test scores/grades/courses will open the door, it's up to the rest of your application (essays, letters, interview etc.) to get you through it. After admissions is confident that you can handle the coursework at Brown, they're looking to see how you would take advantage of the resources at Brown and of the Open Curriculum (through your essays, yes, but also by how you've taken advantage of your high school's resources,) and to determine what you'll go on from Brown and to and if they would be proud to call you their alumni in the future.

    Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!

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  • fishy876fishy876 3 replies1 threads New Member
    I really think you have a great chance of getting in! All things considered, you're right in line with what Brown is looking for. In order to solidify an admission, I'd just make sure you get your essay looked over a few times as well as doing some interview prep. I wish you all the luck.
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