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Emmababb91Emmababb91 2 replies7 threads New Member
edited August 2008 in Brown University
GPA:3.98 UW, 5.2 W
Class Rank: 9/1350 (yes, biggest high school in the nation)
SAT: 1460 (plan to retake and get 1500+), 2110 (plan to retake and get 2200)
SAT II: Math IIc: 800, Chemistry, 760, and I plan on taking Bio soon which I'll probably get 750+ on.

AP Courses:
Psychology (4), English Language (4), Chemistry (4), Calc AB (5), Calc BC (5), Micro, Macro, Government, Environmental, Stats, Biology (My school is on block scheduling so I courseload like this is crazy at my school)

Other Stuff:
Secretary of Mu Alpha Theta
Tutoring Head of Mu Alpha Theta
Secretary of Science National Honor Society
Member of National Science Honor Society
Member of National Spanish Honor Society
Member of Mu Alpha Theta
Member of National Honor Society
Member of English Honor Society
Member of S.W.A.T
Winner of over 20 Mu Alpha Theta Competition Tests (nationally placed)
3rd Place Florida Science Bowl
Have won various awards in Spanish Literary Fair
Attended University of Virginia Math Camp
Attended FSU's Young Scholars Program (one of the most prestigious programs in America)
Have conducted research in Psychology and Biology fields
Attended Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Program

Over 400 hours in service hours.
Camp counselor for Math and Science camp for two years
Animal Shelters, E.S.E. Student Helper, Eating Disorder Support Groups (these three are my main concentration)

For the past three years I have been giving speeches on deletirious eating disorders to over 5000 kids.

Very strong recommendation letters. My AP Calculus Teacher is a representative of collegeboard. =)

And will have a very strong essay dealing with my struggle with anorexia nervosa and the nutritional neuropothy in my legs.

So what do you say, do I have a chance??
edited August 2008
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  • hithinkhithink 63 replies30 threads Junior Member

    Just Apply!

    YOu used to be anorexic?
    I used to be bulimic. It was my greatest victory.
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  • lightamelightame 13 replies1 threads New Member
    dang. 9/1350? and i thought my class was big! ours is 1100...buuut, i'm nowhere near even top 20. or top 40 for that matter, haha.
    good job on ur hard work!! you are definitely a smart cookie. and good luck. i don't think anyone will tell you that you don't have a chance.
    i actually posted about my chances too, because i have a much more average application material, but like hithink said, Just Apply!
    who knows how those crazy admissions people pick and choose...
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