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Kinda low SATs for Brown...but I am going to make a run for it. opinions?

zfox001zfox001 1169 replies43 threads Senior Member
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I really like the community health program and possible the five year BA/MPH programs.

I went to school in Zurich, Switzerland for my freshman and sophomore years and then moved to Boise, Idaho for my Junior year. (and will graduate here) I have also lived in Japan and Taiwan.
My essays are very influenced by this and I have been told by a philosphy prof that my essays are really well done.

GPA 3.97/4.15

SAT- M-700 CR-680 W-720 (12)
SATII- Bio-720 US-720

~25-30/500 class rank (kinda low...but I have only gotten 2 Bs....lots of super smart kids I guess....plus grade inflation. The two Bs were at my old school too...which didn''t have any grade inflation)

Sophomore: AP Bio-5

Junior: AP US-5, AP Chem-3, AP English-3

Senior: AP Gov, AP Econ, AP Lit, AP Spanish(probably not...scheduling problem), AP Calculus AB
Took spanish at boise state university this summer.

ECs...main ones:
volunteer at science center/museum. Help teach kids science classes. 400 hours
I am part of the teen club at the museum and I am the treasurer. We qualified for the Team American Rocketry Challenge Nationals. Sadly placed 60th but it was out of 800. so that isnt too bad.

volunteer during summer to teach inner city youth sailing in san francisco.
(400 hours)

Play in quartet for community functions for free(200+ hours)

Cancer research in Boise State University biochem lab (5-10 hours/week)

Played violin for 11 years
Orchestra/Honor Orchestra/Chamber Orchestra all competitive to get into.
AMIS International Honors Orchestra (Beijing China)

Varsity Rugby
Varsity Swimming
Varsity tennis at my old school.....JV tennis at my new one.
I am way more into sports like biking and sailing where there arent many teams

Principals Award- Outstanding academic and extracurricular achievement as well as leadership
Teacher's Choice Award- leadership in and out of classroom
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Replies to: Kinda low SATs for Brown...but I am going to make a run for it. opinions?

  • dragonreborndragonreborn 541 replies32 threads Member
    Definitely go for it! Your SATs are fine as of now but you can always retake it if you want. However, I'm sure Brown places more emphasize on other things. I suggest you work especially hard on the essay.

    Good luck!
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  • jsmalljsmall 717 replies20 threads Member
    You're fine. If you don't get in it will be because of your essays, teacher reqs. or some other info. that we don't have, or most likely just because they have more qualified aplicants than they do spaces. There is no reason why you shouldn't get in though, so go for it. Best of luck to ya. :)
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  • thedailypursuitthedailypursuit 134 replies11 threads Junior Member
    The only faucet of your application that might hold you back is your class rank. You should ask your counselor to corroborate reasoning why your rank is lower than it should be.

    Be sure to take the SATI again and get that 680 above 700.
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  • zfox001zfox001 1169 replies43 threads Senior Member
    ya my class rank is still in top 10% but still it is pretty low.
    I transfered into my school here and all the top students get As so it is a matter of who has taken the most APs. and plus I have more than enough credits to graduate now(after junior year) so AP classes don't raise my weighted GPA as much as others who haven't taken as many classes. This is because I started taking high school credit classes in 7th grade.
    my old school had no grade inflation at all either. I worked my butt off and got a B in both semesters of physics. My only Bs...so now that I am at a school with more inflation is is harder for me because of those Bs and more classes.
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  • CrystalProphecyCrystalProphecy 771 replies49 threads Member
    It seriously doesn't hurt to try anyway. Again as many people state, SATs aren't your entire application and you shouldn't worry too much about them. Brown is really toward the whole personality/essays I think, so if you write good essays they should help you a lot.

    Haha, my SAT score isn't too good either, but I'm interested in the PLME program and love the school itself. Am I gonna run for it anyway? Hell yeah lol.
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  • zfox001zfox001 1169 replies43 threads Senior Member
    Does ED improve chances at all? or is it better to just go RD because they take all the perfect applicants ED?
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