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drop in rank

khankhankhankhankhankhan 14 replies45 threads Junior Member
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how much weight do mid-year reports have? are the orignal transcripts from the end of junior year more important?
also, even with one B, will a drop in class rank hurt?
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Replies to: drop in rank

  • collegebound_91collegebound_91 420 replies31 threads Member
    one b on ur midyear wont kill u. i guess end of year junior should be more important bc it represents a whole year. senior mid is important too though

    depending on your school will determine how far you drop. In my school, i have a friend who got a b, not even for a semester, but for one mp and dropped from like 12 to 40. thats just bc of how competitive my school is. If colleges see that ur hs is this competitive, a drop shouldnt de too deterimental,
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  • tarzantarzan 65 replies2 threads Junior Member
    You should still work relatively hard. The pool will only become more competitive this year and if there is even a HINT that you are slacking off, Brown will have no problem with giving your spot to someone else.
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  • chjmov1chjmov1 45 replies1 threads Junior Member
    i've heard that the mid year report it extremely important - it lets Brown know if you are still challenging yourself and maintaining a high level of performance.
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  • blvdofbroknteethblvdofbroknteeth 62 replies7 threads Junior Member
    I had a major drop in grades (3.5UW with 3 APs for just this semester, when I previously had a 3.8UW) because I had to work twice as many hours this semester...it is not senioritis, just that I had a lot to do. Should I find a way to let the admissions officers know this?
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  • bluewhitebulldogbluewhitebulldog 701 replies15 threads Member
    Do you have to send your transcripts or send in your report cards that came out?
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  • CatalysisCatalysis 530 replies48 threads Member
    Yeah I think the counselors send the transcripts.

    Hopefully I will be okay. SOMEHOW I managed to ace all 4 of my AP classes but got a B+ in French................................................... -_-
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