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For those who attend Brown: Do you consider it a "party" school?

Hope FullHope Full Registered User Posts: 245 Junior Member
edited March 2009 in Brown University
I love Brown, but a friend of mine whose sister attended Brown in the 1990s told me that Brown is a "serious party school" and that I would find it incredibly boring since I do not party (and I mean I do not party at all; no drinking, drugs, sex -- it's a religious thing). I hope my friend's sister is exagerrating. For those who currently attend or have previously attended Brown, will a fuddy duddy like me still have a good experience there? Thank you.
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Replies to: For those who attend Brown: Do you consider it a "party" school?

  • ab2013ab2013 Registered User Posts: 1,756 Senior Member
    I know someone from my school who matriculated to Brown and is a freshmen there this year. When she came back for the holidays, I caught up with her, and she admitted to me that at first she didn't like Brown, because it does have that party atmosphere that it is so well known for (but then again, which school isn't heavy on partying, with the exception of Chicago and MIT?). However, you do have the choice of not partying because you're not really forced to, and she chose that route and remains focused on learning and making the most out of her Brown education. After all, not everyone at Brown is there to party, so you'll likely find your own group to hang out with and still have fun without the booze.

    So she said that she can't get back to Brown ... which she sincerely seemed dissapointed about because of the J-term so their holidays last for more than a month.

    On the other hand, she still can't stand the 2 sex bathrooms.
  • modestmelodymodestmelody Registered User Posts: 4,654 Senior Member
    It's college.

    That is to say, anyone who goes to a big state school would scoff at Brown being called a party school. Anyone who goes to say, BYU or Liberty would think we're all out of our minds crazy with the partying. But really, it's college. Lots of people do party on weekends, a fair amount of people do not. Partying is just more "obvious"-- it's external and easy to find. The non-partiers just have to spend some time to seek each other out and figure out what their scene is at Brown. We have a ton of people who never touch a drink; we have a ton of people who never attend a party; we have a ton of things going on that are not party related at all. It's college-- variety is the spice of life and the rule, not the exception.
  • Hope FullHope Full Registered User Posts: 245 Junior Member
    Thanks, modestmelody. I realize it's college and that partying occurs at all universities. I guess what I am looking for is more objective criteria than "there are tons of students who don't party." Can you give me your opinion on the percentage of kids at Brown who do not party? Thanks.
  • modestmelodymodestmelody Registered User Posts: 4,654 Senior Member
    It's impossible to say percentages. I will say that in any larger freshman unit (60-80) it felt like there were 3-5 students who would never, ever, ever dare be somewhere people are drinking, and another 25 or so who "party" only rarely (once a month or less).

    Many Brown students who drink drink responsibly, and binge drinking is, in my experience, the exception and not the rule. Far less people binge drink than I think "outsiders" think of. Freshman tend to party hardest, in my experience.

    Most importantly, I've never been at a party where I was uncomfortable if I was not drinking.

    These are all guest-a-mates and many many people will have numbers way different than my range.
  • Hope FullHope Full Registered User Posts: 245 Junior Member
    Thank you, modestmelody.
  • wolfmanjackwolfmanjack Registered User Posts: 1,167 Senior Member
    I you think he meant guesstimates. lol had to comment on that one

    Uhh, there is a Christian group on campus and I know they don't party. But idk which religion you are, maybe I skimmed over it or you didn't post it.

    As far as HOW people drink it varies, some people get stupid drunk a lot, many don't. We have the full variety. I remember back when I was in highschool I was very anti-party but my views on that have changed entirely since growing up. So the things you worry about now may not be the most important factors in the future.

    As far as as the bisexual (haha) bathrooms goes, I did it last year I thought it was great. I was the only guy sharing a bathroom with 7-8 girls. I learned one thing, girls are much cleaner than male athletes. I hate a disgusting bathroom. The girls were very cool about it as well - so much so that they'd leave the shower curtain half open while they shaved their legs (with one leg popped out of the stall) and another would always undress outside the shower. I could have easily walked out at the right moment and caught an eye full but of course never did. They had no problem doing their business right next to where I was brushing my teeth. I used to live with a girl I dated for 2 years so hearing a girl pee was no big deal. Point is, I was surprised at how okay with me being in their bathroom they were. I DID find out there was one girl who went upstairs because she thought lots of guys were using that bathroom and it turned out to be my friend's girlfriend who is now very familiar with me.
  • Hope FullHope Full Registered User Posts: 245 Junior Member
    Wolfman: Are all the bathrooms co-ed?
  • Old College TryOld College Try Registered User Posts: 310 Member
    No offense but there are schools for students who for religious reasons do not want to join the normal partying life found at college. Brown ain't one of them. I think you should apply to those schools instead of maybe taking a spot at Brown from someone who would fit in. Just a thought . . . .
  • modestmelodymodestmelody Registered User Posts: 4,654 Senior Member
    Far from all bathrooms are coed-- the vast majority are not. Most bathrooms that are "co-ed" are actually assigned to be single sex but the people on that floor who share it come to some kind of agreement.

    Unless you specifically choose to live with guys you won't be forced in an area with co-ed bathrooms.

    That being said, after freshman year, most of my friends have had co-ed (because they had mixed sex living arrangements) or private bathrooms.

    I was also somewhat anti-party in high school but changed as I got older-- for many reasons, most of them being that partying at Brown was not at all like partying in high school.
  • wolfmanjackwolfmanjack Registered User Posts: 1,167 Senior Member
    ..and we have yet to get that beer or meet up in Vegas modest haha
  • modestmelodymodestmelody Registered User Posts: 4,654 Senior Member
    <- fail. I don't have class tomorrow and I'm not doing anything right now...
  • wolfmanjackwolfmanjack Registered User Posts: 1,167 Senior Member
    I already brushed mah teef and my stomach is recovering from Iron Wok earlier (chili pepper chicken was f'ing hot). I have plans for tomorrow night but maybe Saturday night? or...
  • ObstinateObstinate Registered User Posts: 1,873 Senior Member
    Is there a nice scene of people who don't drink or do drugs? Like how's the substance-free housing set up? What's it like? Is it very religious? Not that I have a problem with it, I just hope that's not all there is to it.
  • wolfmanjackwolfmanjack Registered User Posts: 1,167 Senior Member
    Why do people get so freaked out about this stuff?

    It's not like you have to choose a) go get drunk b) hang out with the people who don't drink

    People who drink or who may smoke or whatever don't do it ALL the time.
  • superwomansuperwoman Registered User Posts: 751 Member
    I completely agree, I'm not in college right now but because of my beliefs, similar to yours I don't drink or smoke, but I'm perfectly able to go to a party where everyone there is drunk and I"m the only sober one. It all depends on if you're weak against peer pressure. Maybe that's why you're a little worried. I'm sure you'll find sober friends that won't drink or party. I think your experience of the "party life" or "non-party life" depends on your friends and whom you surround yourself with. Find friends that don't party, or have similar beliefs to you. Good Luck! : )
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