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official "we don't have a chance" thread but we still love Brown!


Replies to: official "we don't have a chance" thread but we still love Brown!

  • superwomansuperwoman Registered User Posts: 751 Member
    heygirlhey- Thanks! I got my fingers crossed too! & plus, i dont think hooks help very much..i mean im a URM buh..i dont think it will help me much : (

    Darnit! April 1st is soo soon! Deep down inside i cant wait buht im kinda nervous (biting nails)

    soo what is everybody doing to supress the anxiety? lol, im reading nonsense or every possible nonacademic book i can get my hands on lol.
  • FB lalalandFB lalaland Registered User Posts: 536 Member
    conquestor: No I don't go to Churchill. I go to another school for middle-income families hehe.

    superwoman: I haven't had my interview yet. Two of my friends already got theirs a bit after Chinese New Year. >"< Am I rejected already?

    I dunno. My class rank is not as high as that person's. My grades are slightly below hers. All I like are swimming and music. I really reveal my fit for Brown, but I don't know whether they'll buy it. The only thing I have that sets us apart is the fact that I don't do things for college (i.e. passion). She created tons of clubs and did tons of fundraising and took tons of math contests for college admission purpose. However, she did excel in math. I dunno lah. I'll know in... some 50 days.

    Brown applicant pool is up by... 20%+? ... O.o

    The only "hook" I guess I have is my ethnicity (Brown probably has never received a single applicant from an Atayal, but Atayal is Asian anyway... I think it's an "un-hook".)
  • superwomansuperwoman Registered User Posts: 751 Member
    hahaha, "un-hook", good one lmao. umm, as for the interview i think you should call ASAP, i think they are trying to interview every student, soo if it doesnt work out when you call, at least Brown can see you tried! Good Luck!

    p.s. i hope you get an interview!
  • blvdofbroknteethblvdofbroknteeth Registered User Posts: 69 Junior Member
    officially joining after screwing up first semester. yay!
  • intunecosintunecos Registered User Posts: 47 Junior Member
    I really wouldn't put much worry into standardized tests if the rest of your application is strong. I got accepted and I had SATs of 1800 (I was really nervous and one time I actually started shaking because of an overdose of Red Bull, lol...) Apart from that, my application was pretty much like yours. Good GPA, strong academics, a lot of extra curricular. I would really put up more importance in your essays because you have an opportunity to express yourself and show how you really are. After all they are trying to find people who would fit well in their class. Also, I do not like standardized tests too much because some people just do not do well in them and they can be brilliant in the rest. Cross your fingers and wish for the best.
  • superwomansuperwoman Registered User Posts: 751 Member
    intunecos- Thanks! I'm crossing my fingers (lol), hoping I'm one of those people they want! If not, it's not the end of the world. I just want to be happy at the next place I spend four years of my life at lol. Thanks again, I'm definetly wishing for the best for everyone on this thread! Class of 09, woot woot!
  • 100Canadian100Canadian Registered User Posts: 183 Junior Member
    Intunecos you are my idol! I agree with what u said

    Btw did u have any additional hooks? Just curious
  • G0diSl0veG0diSl0ve Registered User Posts: 18 New Member
    i put a lot of effort into my essays, seeing as how, aside from an interview, this is how the adcoms will really get to see how/who i am. i also applied to the plme & expressed a strong desire to become a part of the health field in my essays. hopefully they dont come off as a load of bs lol -_-.
  • intunecosintunecos Registered User Posts: 47 Junior Member
    Mmm... hooks...
    Well I came to the US when I was 11. In my essays I showed how I love Ancient History (Egyptian history for example). One thing that really really helped me were my recommendations. One of my teachers said that I was one of the best students she had ever had and wrote about how I made her laugh. The other teacher said that I was very passionate for history and math. Oh! my interview went great. I am grateful that my interviewer was very interested and we ended up talking for several hours. He told me he was going to write a good recommendation for me. Well, apart from that I guess a little luck does help. One thing that everyone has to have in mind is that if something is meant to happen, it will happen; just try to stay positive throughout the whole thing. Also, I know its quite obvious, stay true to yourself.
  • superwomansuperwoman Registered User Posts: 751 Member
    That's some good advice. Thanks! I'm a definetly big believe in if its supposed to happen then its supposed to, because I almost flaked and didn't apply to Brown. The weekend of the 17th I believe it was I went down to Rhode Island to go see my cousin, we passed by the school bc she wanted a tour, omg, I was totally convinced I wanted to go to Brown, the campus and the city near reeled me in! Yes, it was pretty horrible walking up that hill but the campus was soo beautiful. Suddenly I had all this regret about not applying and I already passed the deadline..so I knew I was screwed! I went home and since I was going to apply to Brown my essays were finished and my recommendations were already done..so I went on the common app and submitted, my heart was beating and I was so scared! I wrote them an email about it and how I changed my mind last minute because I didn't have the confidence that I would be a competitive applicant. I sent everything else in and proceeded to wait for what they would say. This is what I told the admissions office which was a half truth because the same weekend I sent it in I ended with a family emergency but I couldn't tell them that..it would sound like baloney..so I told them the other side of my reason for applying so late. They finally wrote me an email saying they already have everything for me of course I can send my other materials..I almost cried! That's when I felt like if it wasn't meant for me to apply so many days after the deadline they could have easily not accepted my application but idk..I'm feeling lucky already! :)
  • Prov13Prov13 - Posts: 44 Junior Member
    my school had an ED accept this year and if i recall the kid only had like an 1850 on the SATs. my interviewer (who worked in the admissions office,) told me that SATs count for even less than the interview. that's not to say that higher scores don't help, but they're not the end all.

    that's why you can't read too much into those ridiculous chance me threads. brown's admission policy is very holistic. how/what you can contribute to the brown environment is much more important than a 2400.

    not to mention for every 2400 brown accepts they can take some obscene number of students with lower (1800-2000) scores and still maintain their very high averages.
  • superwomansuperwoman Registered User Posts: 751 Member
    That's true. Thanks for shedding some light on that, I think it's just hard to compare myself to other outstanding applicants when my standardized test scores stand in the way. Thanks anyway! :)
  • ontheradioontheradio Registered User Posts: 307 Member
    that sat stuff is made me feel a lot better. im a horrible standardized test taker.
    but since they take a holistic approach i might have a better shot than i thought... but you never know..

    its almost only a month away.. sorta :)
  • superwomansuperwoman Registered User Posts: 751 Member
    ontheradio-So true! I'm feeling the same way. I just checked on the custom countdown and we have 39 days! Wooh, by next week it will be less then a month away :)

  • yournamehereyournamehere Registered User Posts: 1,588 Senior Member
    my senior yr grades suck. junior yr's too to think of it. oh my. there's nothing i can do about it....fingers crossed for all of ussssss!!!
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