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official "we don't have a chance" thread but we still love Brown!


Replies to: official "we don't have a chance" thread but we still love Brown!

  • superwomansuperwoman Registered User Posts: 751 Member
    Thanks you too! My grades were pretty iffy last year too, but my first quarter senior year was horrible..ugh! Hopefully they see the ten point jump I made between one of my classes and see that as MAJOR improvement! good luck :)

    p.s. I so hope we all get in!!! 38 more days left!!!!
  • FB lalalandFB lalaland Registered User Posts: 536 Member
    I just got my interview ^^. That interviewer was amazing. She is the chair of the alumni association of my province. Amazing woman!
  • Colleges00701Colleges00701 - Posts: 1,790 Senior Member
    Gpa - 3.86/4 -- unweighted ......... 95.4/100 --weighted
    Class Rank- Top 17 percent out of a school of 800.
    Not even top 10 percent..Counselor wrote a great rec, and so did teachers...
    12 A.P. Classes and 10 Honors Classes , I took 32 classes total in high school.

    Sat Score--Super Score ; Highest from Single Testing was 2180.
    720- Critical Reading
    760- Math
    710 - Writing

    *1480/1600 -- 2190/2400

    Extracurricular Activities
    1. Fencing - All 4 Years
    2. Pre-Engineering Club- All 4 Years
    3. Baseball- All 4 Years
    4. NHS - All 4 Years
    5. Fencing Club - All 4 Years

    Not expecting much, probably get a likely rejection letter if they gave one. Not even top 10 percent. Brown only takes 3 percent of kids not in top 10 percent, and I am not a athlete, urm, or legacy...I am Russian and I live in Florida if that counts for anything....
  • GanDhIizRiPpiNGanDhIizRiPpiN Registered User Posts: 242 Junior Member
    ^your a total dick. seriously. i have a 2020 sat with a 640 in reading and a 590 math sat subject test. i really am borderline and possibly have no chance. a 2190 is above average.
  • superwomansuperwoman Registered User Posts: 751 Member
    FB lalaland- I'm glad your's was great too! I loved my interviewer, I just met up with her over vacation to check out what I would be doing as her intern at the end of march/beginning of April for this internship thing I'm doing instead of going to school fourth quarter...she's so cool! I think all the Brown alumn' are amazing!..I mean look at where they came from..Brown! :)

    GanDhIizRiPpiN- I totally agree with you, but hey, we'll see who's laughing when he get's the rejection! bump bump bump, lmao. jk! Good luck!

    p.s. 2020 isn't that bad, you could of done worse lmao, like me = /
  • Colleges00701Colleges00701 - Posts: 1,790 Senior Member
    ^ Wow dude, you don't need to get mad and call people names, I know I am getting rejected, and thats why I posted here.

    Seriously, sat scores don't matter much, or not as much as your high school (gpa and class rank.) Thats the most important thing in college admissions.(accoring to college adcoms) No need to call people names, from a just a post.

    Its all a matter of opionon, I don't think I have a chance, because I don't have a hook and am not in the top 10 percent (Sat scores AREN'T THAT IMPORTANT). No need to be a doushbag about it.

    Wow.....Superwoman what are you talking about, I know I am getting the rejection letter, did you think I was being scarcastic... I posted in a thread called "we don't have a chance" which means that I DO THINK I have no chance, how could I have even come across as scarcastic?
  • Colleges00701Colleges00701 - Posts: 1,790 Senior Member
    ^ oh and I have already been rejected by another school: Norte Dame Early Action, proving my point that Sat Scores aren't that important.....Probably why I am not as confident about a school like Brown....can't believe people thought I was being a doush. Sorry if I might have come off sounding that way.
  • whatupwhatup Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    ^ Dickhead
  • superwomansuperwoman Registered User Posts: 751 Member
    haha, sorry, maybe I took it the wrong way, I guess your right, SAT scores isn't that serious but we'll see. good luck!

    whatup- haha, wow..everyone's picking on em! lmao.
  • Colleges00701Colleges00701 - Posts: 1,790 Senior Member
    ^ Seriously...whatever.
  • cnfsdbrownie09cnfsdbrownie09 Registered User Posts: 37 Junior Member
    I want to join too

    Location: Texas
    Gender: Female
    Race: Asian
    School: magnet...
    GPA: 95.96 and 4.0 otherwise (My school is so weird)
    Rank: top few 10% out of 294
    SAT I: CR 580 M 530 W 550
    SAT IIs: Bio: 480 WHist 550 Engl Lit 580 -- I was totally off on this I took the bio a year after I already had AP Bio, and W. Hist two years later, and I didn't even finish Ap english literature...conclusion I took it this year as a senior because I was blinded by the subject test...i mean i didn't even know it existed...=[

    I doubt I'm getting in even with the countless volunteer hours, EC's with leadership positions, GPA, and blah blah blah....there's no chance or hope.
  • bicyclekickbicyclekick Registered User Posts: 958 Member
    obviously people are gonna come in here with good stats and expect others to stroke their egos

    OMG I got ONLY got a 2200 brown will NEVER take me...

    whoever is doing that is only making themselves seem like d-bags...there are people with low stats that are reaching for brown, so if you're crying over a "mediocre" 700 on a subject test, you need a reality check

    sorry for the rant lol
  • whatupwhatup Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    yea stop crying about having a 3.8 or SAT scores under 2300.......and Colleges00701 is a dick head cause of the apples growing on his farm
  • superwomansuperwoman Registered User Posts: 751 Member
    bicycle kick i totally agree! At least if he said he didnt think he had a chance because he has no hook/special talents or nething brilliant about him, maybe then i would understand but his scores arent bad at all. idk nemore...i just want to know if i get rejected sooner then later :(

    cnsfdbrownie09- i love ur name! We shud be best friends, our stats r like identical lol, except yours is better. good luck! Where else did u apply ?
  • Colleges00701Colleges00701 - Posts: 1,790 Senior Member
    ^ I did say I don't have a hook, I am also not even in the top 10 percent, my ranking is top 17 percent, showing my school and my gpa are grade inflated. I have also been denied by Notre Dame Early Action, proving that sat scores aren't that important. If you guys are going to read my post and just look at gpa/ sat scores, without looking at my class rank, obviously it would look like I had a chance. Class Ranks are used by schools to put kids in context of their schools, If you have a 2.5 and are ranked in the top 10 percent, then your school is supposed to be really hard, grade deflated, but if yoiu have a 4.0 and are ranked in the bottom half your class, then your school is easy and you have grade inflation. Class Rank has more weight and is more important than gpa, because it shows how you do in comparison to your peers.

    ****Most of the kids on here, who may have lower sats scores have actually done interesting things, like research with professionals or have a hook, I haven't done any of that nor do I any talents or anything interesting about me. SAT SCORES DON'T MATTER, I also don't have hooks and not ranked in the top 10 percent, probably why I was DENIED by Notre Dame Early Action(Notre Dame has 87 percent of its kids in the top 10 percent)....
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