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What are my chances of getting in, and getting financial aid?

l8rg8rl8rg8r 46 replies29 threads Junior Member
edited September 2013 in Bryn Mawr College
I want to go to a smallish liberal arts college, and Bryn Mawr is appealing because of it's proximity to Philadelphia and I'd like to go to a womens college. From what I've read online I think I stand a chance of getting in, but what are the chances of me getting in with some financial aid from the school?

My parents make 120,000 a year so I'm not eligible for need-based aid. But, they're only going to help a little with college cost and I don't want to be neck deep in debt when I get out. So question is, with the following stats, do I stand a chance of getting in and do you think I would get any form of aid from the school?

1830 SAT
3.7 GPA
2 AP classes
2 honors classes
National Honor Society
Girl Scout for 12 years (various service projects; silver & bronze awards earned)
Athlete: National champ; 2 national records; jr. world team; competed abroad at world champs 2x (ps it's not a collegiate sport so I can't be recruited)
I write a strong essay.
edited September 2013
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Replies to: What are my chances of getting in, and getting financial aid?

  • MarinozaiMarinozai 517 replies44 threads Member
    I think that you have a fair chance of getting in - your scores/stats seem midrange. But paying for it might be a separate issue.
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  • EarthWithoutArtEarthWithoutArt 62 replies22 threads Junior Member
    Yeah, from what I've heard, BMC has very few merit scholarships. You'll likely not get much of any sort of aid.
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  • englishivyenglishivy 347 replies25 threads Member
    Private colleges, despite the initial sticker price, often have some of the highest endowments and financial aid awards. Bryn Mawr has few merit scholarships because our financial aid is predominantly NEED based - therefore, if accepted, you're a strong candidate to receive aid. Every candidate is different, but Bryn Mawr is generous with aid and much of it comes in the form of grants which you don't need to pay back.
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  • goingnutsmomgoingnutsmom 1547 replies38 threads Senior Member
    englishivy, how generous is Bryn Marw with its merit aid? What about for a student whose family is reaching into the $190's? Would the student (assuming they are with stellar stats) be able to get merit with no financial need?
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  • MarinozaiMarinozai 517 replies44 threads Member
    @goingnutsmom From what I was told when I visited Bryn Mawr, I it sounds like a student like that might get some merit, but not much.
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  • englishivyenglishivy 347 replies25 threads Member
    The Bryn Mawr website says:

    Students admitted to Bryn Mawr College as first-year, first-time students are automatically considered for the Bryn Mawr Merit Scholarship; no additional application is required. Applicants are evaluated using Bryn Mawr’s holistic admission review process, which takes numerous factors into account including but not limited to academic coursework and performance, involvement in school and community, leadership qualities, standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, quality and content of writing, and potential to contribute in meaningful ways to the Bryn Mawr community.

    Students may receive a Bryn Mawr Merit Scholarship even with no demonstrated financial need. Merit scholarships may be awarded to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and international students. In past years, awards have ranged from $8,000-$20,000 per year. Scholarships are awarded at the time of admission, and are renewable each year for up to four years as long as the student remains in good academic standing with the College.
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  • goingnutsmomgoingnutsmom 1547 replies38 threads Senior Member
    Thank you!
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  • engineeringfashionistaengineeringfashionista 49 replies41 threads Junior Member
    your parents should offer more help, otherwise your in trouble. Not alot of financial aid to be offered when your parents are making 120k.
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  • uniquelyuniquely 38 replies2 threads Junior Member
    If you haven't already, look in BMC's test score policy--if you did well on the AP tests you can submit those scores instead.
    An alternative would be to look into raising your SAT score to 2000+

    Most importantly, go ahead and apply RD anyway. The app is free, online at the commonapp website, and only has a "Why Bryn Mawr?" supplement.
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  • confidential2014confidential2014 21 replies5 threads New Member
    Hello, I an international applying Bryn Mawr for ED 1. Guys, Can you chance me?

    GPA : 4.00 (unweighted)
    SATs : appearing soon; practice test (2000 + )
    SAT 2: Phy : 720 Maths 1 : 700
    Essay : excellent
    Recommendations : very good
    Community Service : Worked in lots of projects, trainings, (especially for gender equity), public speakings awards

    Can. you guys roughly chance me for Bryn Mawr??? :):)
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  • l8rg8rl8rg8r 46 replies29 threads Junior Member
    @confidential2014 I am obviously no expert, but if your SAT scores are 2000+ you will be well into the 50th percentile and therefore have a pretty good chance of getting in. Your SAT2s are really good.

    I'm going to say yes, you stand a good chance of getting in and getting aid.
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