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The neatest BMC thank you ever -- such grace!

OttolineOttoline 720 replies227 threads Member
edited July 2013 in Bryn Mawr College
Class of 1974 grad -- elated after receiving a beautiful thank you card from the best Seven Sister out there!

I learned that we drew a record number of undergrad applications... I think we're "beating" Smith this round. Not to be shallow and hyper-competitive -- just extremely proud of my alma mater! My favorite prof went on to run Smith -- we girls help each other, you could say!

Plus, we're #1 on Washington Monthly's list of colleges that contribute the most to society!

And now, my public confession: I once thought we made a mistake not hitching up with Haverford... glad to see that I was wrong!

Ottoline -- Pem East/ Erdman alum
edited July 2013
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Replies to: The neatest BMC thank you ever -- such grace!

  • MarinozaiMarinozai 517 replies44 threads Member
    While you might be elated, I'm scared dumb - applying this semester and it looks like I will have a lot of competition...
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  • OttolineOttoline 720 replies227 threads Member
    Hey, when I was applying, I was scared, too. Comes with the territory, I suppose.
    Marinozai, just show Bryn Mawr who you are -- and I'm rooting for you to get in!!
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  • MarinozaiMarinozai 517 replies44 threads Member
    Thanks so much, Ottoline - hopefully for just one year Bryn Mawr will have the least undergrad applicants :) Just kidding, I just hope I get in. I never intended to have a first choice school, and after visiting...*headdesk*
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  • englishivyenglishivy 347 replies25 threads Member
    That's so great to hear, Ottoline. I hope you'll be coming to reunion in the near future. I worked the event this summer and it was so much fun!
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  • OttolineOttoline 720 replies227 threads Member

    That's great to hear about your generous involvement with class reunions. Last one I attended was in '84, and mostly because I wanted to show off my darling husband. We had a good time, for sure. Then I returned to campus in '88 as a BMC club prez -- they paid the way and I got to catch up with some of the girls I'd interviewed. The food was so much better than in the early 70's! But, the absolute best return visit I ever made to campus was in '07 with my son. Part of his big college tour -- and we stayed at Wyndham and had a fabulous two day visit together. I dreamed of staying there after graduation -- and visiting with my son was a memory I'll always treasure. He really liked BMC -- As for H'ford: he didn't want to apply to a school that has a squirrel for a mascot... When I told the kind folks at Wyndham that I was from the Class of '74,
    they served us special cocktails: cranberry juice and ginger ale! Great combo!
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