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Transfer to Bryn Mawr?

nyanninjyaa99nyanninjyaa99 8 replies5 threads New Member
I have a couple of questions to people who transferred to Bryn Mawr College. I'm a high school senior most likely going to a state school and interested in transferring to a Seven Sister College, especially Bryn Mawr College right after my freshman year. ( I regret not applying there as a high school senior)
1.What was your high school cumulative gpa weighted and unweighted?
My high school weighted gpa is going to be about 3.7 when I graduate and I know its really low so I'm really worried about it..

2.What was your college gpa at your old college when you applied as a transfer?
I don't really know how college gpa work but if I get straight As in college ( which I know is not easy) do you think it would make up for my high school transcript and make me a stronger candidate?

3.Did you had to report your high school activities and AP scores?
And if so could you list your ECs and AP scores??

4.What were your college ECs when you applied as a transfer?

5. What was your SAT/ACT score?
I know I have to retake my SAT/ACT because I got a low score:/ (23 on the ACT)

I want to go to Bryn Mawr but do you think its worth it to go through the college admission process again of taking the SAT, doing essays etc?
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Replies to: Transfer to Bryn Mawr?

  • happymomof1happymomof1 31063 replies199 threads Senior Member
    When did you start thinking about Bryn Mawr? Last week? a long time ago?

    Frankly, you probably are best off taking a gap year and applying as a freshman for fall 2019. Think about that.

    Bryn Mawr actively recruits community college students. There is a special program for students at nearby community colleges. I don't know how much of that would apply to you if you studied in CA. Here is the link http://www.alumnae.brynmawr.edu/admissions/criteria/community-college/index.html

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  • transfertobmctransfertobmc 51 replies11 threads Junior Member
    Bryn Mawr is not a very transfer friendly school, if you really want to go there, a gap year would be your best bet, especially if you plan to retake the ACT/SAT.

    I was accepted into Bryn Mawr as a high school senior and didn't attend because they royally messed up with my financial aid. When I reapplied the next year (with a 3.81 GPA + a ton of ECs) I was rejected. I sent them an email asking how I could strengthen my application if I were to apply again and they ignored me.
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  • DustyfeathersDustyfeathers 3707 replies85 threads Senior Member
    edited February 2018
    Bryn Mawr takes about 13% of transfers.

    One thing you might consider if you like Bryn Mawr is to look at Mt. Holyoke. Of the Seven Sisters, it's the closest to BMC in community feel, traditions, and academic outlook. Both schools are parts of consortia. Several women I know who liked Mt. H also liked BMC and vice versa.

    Mt. H's transfer-in rate, at 42%, is much higher than Bryn Mawr's.
    edited February 2018
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  • CollegeIsHardxxCollegeIsHardxx 74 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Hey, did you end up applying? I did and was waitlisted. I’m still waiting to hear back.
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