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Bryn Mawr RD 2025 Chances

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I'm currently a sophomore in high school and I've decided to start searching for colleges early before it becomes too stressful. After lots of research, my current top choice is Bryn Mawr College. Someday I hope to become a translator so for now I'm planning on studying Comparative Literature. Other colleges on my list include Dartmouth (hiiiigh reach), Middlebury, Vassar, and Wesleyan (reach), Brandeis (fit), Clark, and UMass Amhest (safeties).
I was hoping that some of you would be able to estimate my chances of getting into some of these colleges, especially Bryn Mawr.

GPA, unweighted (school doesn't weight or 4.0 scale): 99.271

Freshman Year:
Advanced Geometry - 99
Biology - 100
English 9 - 100
Health 1 - 97
Fitness Components - 99
Music Theory - 100
Intro to PE - 100
Choir - 100
Spanish II - 100
Geography & Cultures - 100

Sophomore Year (as of 1 1/2 semesters):
Advanced Algebra 2 - 98
Spanish III - 100
Chemistry - 99
English 10 - 100
US History - 98
Ancient Civilizations - 99
Choir - 100
CPR & First Aid - 98
Theatre Studies - 100
Latin I (online class) - 99

As of right now, I'm valedictorian out of 435 students. On the PSAT without any preparation, I got a 1320 (730 reading, 590 math).
I haven't done any AP classes yet, but next year I'm planning on taking AP environmental science and AP European history, and senior year AP Lit, AP Psych, and AP Stats.

Founder and co-president of Creative Writing Club (2018-present)
Social media officer for Student Gay/Straight Alliance (2018-present, member 2017-present)
Spanish club (2018-present)
Drama club (2017-present), including a principal role in our state champion theatre festival play.
Member of Tri-M music honors society (since Jan. 2019)
Accepted 2018 and 2019 into weekend writing conference for high school students.

2018 -
Academic Excellence in English 9
Academic Excellence in Biology
Academic Excellence in Music Theory

2019 (so far) -
Silver Key for Poetry in state's Scholastic Writing Competition

And that's all the information I can think of so far! I know it might be hard to give me any predictions, but if any of you could give me an idea of if I'm on the right track for the colleges I'm interested in!
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