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Engineering/Math-Sci good? Liberal?

ThroganThrogan 15 replies13 threads New Member
Hey, I'm still kinda trying to figure out what I want to do, but I've basically decided that I'll study in a Math/Sciencey area. First of all, I was wondering how reknowned (however you spell that) Bucknell's Math/Sci/Engineering programs were.

Secondly, what's also important to me is the opportunity to branch out rather than being stuck in one subject. I'm Captian of a very successful Speech team this year, and have kinda decided - though my proven strengths are Math and Science, and I have little experience with them - MOVIES are my passion (I even went to Speech Nationals with a piece from THE TWO TOWERS). I'd love to join a film club of some sort in college, but if it consists of only a few people and I don't really learn anything from others, then I'm not sure if it's worth it.

So, ya... here are the actual questions! =P How's the performing arts / film stuff at Bucknell? fun? involved? or just kinda there? And would I have the option to take classes in those areas and have time to spend in them if I want to, even though I'd concentrate on Math/Sci?

Thanks a lot for you're input!
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Replies to: Engineering/Math-Sci good? Liberal?

  • texastaximomtexastaximom 1063 replies17 threads Senior Member
    I'll have to ask my son about the film stuff. I know there are many performing arts groups singing/music/theatre...but I don't know about film.

    Bucknell's engineering is ranked in the top ten in several areas. I don't know about sciences. My son is a poli sci-philo major. He's picking up a music minor which is his equivalent of branching out, and plays in a band. He also participates on the debate team--it's parli and more informal.

    Did you go to NFL Nats in Philly this year? Or are you talking about the Speech TOC at Northwestern? My second son went to Philly (we couldn't afford both) this June for debate.
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  • ThroganThrogan 15 replies13 threads New Member
    My school participates in the NCFL, which is more private school, but is currently being overwhelmed by public schools like us! Mwahahaha! MA is the only state that lets that happen though. My school can't afford to be part of the NFL on a whole and go to national tournaments and stuff.

    Nationals for NCFL were in Milwaukee, which was still tons of fun, and MA is still the most competitive state in the entire country for NCFL. Though I did reasonably well at Nationals, I still felt like the National Qualifying tournament was tougher.

    Haha, sorry for the long response. Thanks for talking to your son though! =D
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