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social scene at bucknell

green159280green159280 0 replies2 threads New Member
edited June 22 in Bucknell University
thinking about applying to bucknell but have a few questions about the small school social liberal arts scene as well

1.) is there a social hierarchy? like a popular clique in each class? do these revolve around greek life?
2.) is there a divide between people who party and people who don't? (and greek people parties and non greek people parties?)
3.) does everyone tend to know everyones business, and does word travel fast? how gossipy is the school?
4.) do these small liberal arts schools have a HS like feel to them?
5.) do you know everyone in your class pretty much as an underclassman or do you still meet people as a senior? do you constantly see the same people at parties/bars, for the most part?

also, if anyone knows, is this the same for all liberal arts schools in general? more specifically, colgate and richmond?

sorry if any of these questions are dumb, i'm just trying to get a better understanding. please be frank in your responses!!

thanks in advance :)
edited June 22
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Replies to: social scene at bucknell

  • markhammarkham 778 replies9 threads Member
    Since you asked about a frank response to your list of questions...

    You need to visit these schools but first establish what your own frame of reference is regarding high schools, colleges and universities. Make up some metrics, interview students there, and participate in like activites at each school.

    No one can do a better job of establishing your version of reality than you. And since you will invest your 4 years at some college somewhere and will want to hit the ground running, I hope you do your current best with this exercise.

    Good luck with your college search!
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  • wisteria100wisteria100 4633 replies52 threads Senior Member
    Here is a pov on the Bucknell social scene from hercampus

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  • bucknellkiddo123bucknellkiddo123 8 replies0 threads New Member
    1. There is a social hierarchy, especially since there is Greek life. There are always top frats/sororities, mid tier, and bottom tier. Once you join your Greek organization, it can get pretty cliquey and even cliquey within your own organization. There are some people who stop hangin out with their freshman friends because they are in a different organization, but that's also because people are busy with pledging and make new friends.

    2. Pretty much. Greek members rarely interact with people who don't party outside the classroom or for social reasons.

    3. Small school so you basically know the big gossips, especially if you have multiple friend groups.

    4. A little bit

    5. You will still meet new people as an upperclassman or talk to people you've seen around but never talked to before. But yeah, socially, you will see pretty much the same people if you go to the same parties, mixers, bull run, events, etc.
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  • JHUSoccerJHUSoccer 210 replies37 threads Junior Member
    I can verify everything @bucknellkiddo123 as a current Bucknell sophomore.
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