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Bucknell Social Scene

bmclaren2021bmclaren2021 2 replies15 threads Junior Member
I’m a prospective student and I just have a few questions about the social/party life at Bucknell. How important is joining a frat if you definitely want to party? Are fake ids necessary? I don’t know much about Lewisburg so are there bars/clubs and are they 18 or 21+? Also, for frats, how bad is the hazing? Finally, is w33d prominent on campus? Thanks for any input !!
2 replies
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Replies to: Bucknell Social Scene

  • abcdabcd1abcdabcd1 1 replies0 threads New Member
    I’m a current student in Greek life. I would definitely recommend joining Greek life not just parties but for everything else. Regardless you can’t rush until your Sophomore year. Bucknell students love to have fun no matter what kind of person you are. That’s part of why Greek life is so big there’s actually a place for everyone whether your a social butterfly or super shy so don’t be intimidated about joining a frat! Bucknells best quality is that the students are fun. If you meet anyone from Bucknell they’ll tell you they LOVE it which is saying a lot because it is in the middle of no where. That means that the people are really what make it so great. It sounds like you’ll love super (Super Saturday) which is what Bucknell calls the darty that happens outside every Saturday from 11-4 every weekend all year long (yes even in snow storms).
    Bucknell is also fun because you don’t do the same thing every year. If you like to go out to parties, Freshman and Sophomore year you mostly go to frat parties. Junior year you go to a mix of frat/to the bar and senior year is definitely more bar oriented. Either way you go to super. You don’t really need a fake ID at all because it’s not a huge bar scene until your older.

    Hazing honestly is not that bad. Sororities for the most part don’t do any hazing whatsoever. Frat hazing also is never to a point of physically pain or drinking too much. It’s a small school and people care about one another they don’t really do that kind of stuff that you hear happening at southern schools.
    I would say Bucknell is really relaxed in terms of dr*gs on campus. To clarify I mean that for such a party school the dr*g scene isn’t aggressive at all and you only really notice it if you join it. Additionally people don’t really do hard drugs at least I’ve never seen it and I’m in a member of a very social chapter so I should know. I’d say people smoke but it’s not like a stoner school. Like if you’re into that you’re into that no one really cares.
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  • bmclaren2021bmclaren2021 2 replies15 threads Junior Member
    thank you! that helped a ton
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