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What is your award letter like for bucknell

10wengl10wengl Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
edited May 2010 in Bucknell University
I recently receive my acceptance letter and scholarship/financial packet from bucknell. Although bucknell did offer me a great deal, yet it's still incomparable to what I got from other colleges.

Thus, I was wondering how's your financial packet is like, (if you could please list different categories of award/scholarship/financial aid you received and its amount) and if you are satisfy with it or not

In addition... if you think what you end up paying is worth it or not (in term of getting a perhaps a better, promising job and salary in the future)

Thank you
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Replies to: What is your award letter like for bucknell

  • duckduckgooseduckduckgoose Registered User Posts: 18 New Member
    my package did not compare with a package from another school. unfortunately, bucknell was by far my top choice but i will not be able to attend - i would be taking out the maximum loans offered by bucknell in addition to loans to cover the rest, all in my name, which i'm not interested in right now and i don't plan on having a typical high paying job in the future.
    f&m offered me enough ($34k in grants and work study) to make it equal to my public state university, so it looks like i will be attending there instead, as bucknell would be an extra $9k per year.
  • 10wengl10wengl Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    Just curious, what other colleges you got accepted into and what did each of them offer you?

    Also, what would be the max tuition you are willing to pay for Bucknell

    Thank you
  • 10wengl10wengl Registered User Posts: 11 New Member

    Just curious, what other colleges you got accepted into and what did each of them offer you?

    Also, what would be the max tuition you are willing to pay for Bucknell

    Thank you
  • collegekid4collegekid4 Registered User Posts: 74 Junior Member
    My acceptance letter came with the Presidential Fellows merit scholarship ($12,500/yr). On top of that, we got $1,000 need based. Apparently they only offer 20 presidential fellow spots out of about 2,400 acceptances each year, so its a very nice honor. Right now I'm trying to decide whether I want to go to Bucknell as a presidential fellow or attend Johns Hopkins. Im actually writing this from a hotel in Lewisburg, PA because I am at accepted students day right now :)
  • 10wengl10wengl Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    After the open house today at Bucknell, have you made up your mind yet?
  • collegekid4collegekid4 Registered User Posts: 74 Junior Member
    No, not yet. The school looks great and the kids seem to balance a social life and academics really well, but I'm still really drawn to JHU. I'll have the toughest decision of my life to make in the next 6 days...:)
  • 10wengl10wengl Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    I couldn't attend the open house today, so I went yesterday. Although I think the campus is beautiful, yet there's not much around it (outside of campus). What is your thoughts about the campus/academic overall? and what is your major?

    Do you think it's worth it for me paying 7K more a year for Bucknell than Ursinus?
  • collegekid4collegekid4 Registered User Posts: 74 Junior Member
    Honestly, I don't know that much about Ursinus, but I would be paying about 10k/yr more to attend Hopkins than Bucknell, though I don't know if its worth it either...
    I'd be majoring in engineering (chemical/biomolecular) and both schools have really strong programs in this department. I thought that the Bucknell campus is gorgeous, but to Hopkins' credit when your on the Hopkins' campus you would have very little idea that you're in the middle of Baltimore. Overall, the kids at Bucknell seem like they have more fun than the kids at Hopkins. This is just from my (very limited) experience at each of the schools, and it could be wayy off. But overall, the kids seemed really laid back and chill. Also, the facilities seemed great, including the phenomenal athletics center.

    What are your thoughts? Which other colleges have you been accepted at and which others are you considering besides Ursinus? What is your major?
  • 10wengl10wengl Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    1. The other two school that I got accepted are in Virginia and Rhode Island. My major is mathematic. I know Bucknell is known for their engineering program, but what about math?

    2. You mentioned that you will pay 10K more for John's Hopkin, what's the total tuition after scholarship/financial... that you'll end up paying.

    3. I'm an Asian female from an average family, and Bucknell seems to be dominated by rich white, that's one reason that hesitate my decision to Bucknell. Can you tell me more about you, and your though on that...
  • collegekid4collegekid4 Registered User Posts: 74 Junior Member
    Yeah, I definitely got that sense there, seemed like the kids were carbon copies of each other (all the same name brand clothes etc...). Overall, there seems to be very little socioeconomic, ethnic, or geographic diversity at Bucknell. Also, the Greek system absolutely dominates the social scene (which is not really what I want). Hopkins on the other hand draws kids from all over the world, making for a much more diverse (and arguably interesting) student body. Also, a lot of the kids at Bucknell are there because it is the "best" school they could get into. However, this is not the case for me, as I have been accepted by Johns Hopkins. A lot of the kids I talked with were deciding between other patriot league schools or less high-powered schools than Bucknell before deciding to enroll. None were considering ivies or near ivies like Hopkins.
    Also, I think I'd like to be in a more stimulating setting (Baltimore) rather than 3 hours from the nearest city. In a more urban environment there would be many alternatives to the constricting greek-dominated social scene.
    As far as tuition, would be paying about 48k/yr for Hopkins and about 38k/yr for Bucknell. To me the extra 10k/yr might be worth it, but I am still deciding...
  • collegekid4collegekid4 Registered User Posts: 74 Junior Member
    The big advantage Bucknell has, however, is their faculty. The faculty (especially in the chemical engineering department) are all very interested in teaching undergraduates, rather than the "publish or perish" motto of a major research university such as Hopkins. At Bucknell, their priority really does seem to be on undergraduate teaching (maybe because half of the criteria for obtaining tenure is student reviews...). At Hopkins, I fear that professors would not be as approachable and caring and would be more concerned with their own research and graduate students than the well being of the undergraduates.
  • ilmorilmor Registered User Posts: 164 Junior Member
    This is an excerpt from Bucknell Post-Graduation Report for the Class of 2009. URL to full report: http://www.bucknell.edu/Documents/CDC/PGReport_Class2009.pdf

    Chemical Engineering
    Mean Salary: $60,973
    Accenture Technology Consulting-Analyst
    BASF - Professional Development Program
    Biogen Idec - Intern
    Blouch’s Lukoil - Cashier
    Cormetech Process Development - Engineer
    DuPont - DIBM Analyst
    Exelon - Engineer
    ExxonMobil - Optimization Engineer
    First Quality Enterprises - Process Engineer
    General Electric - Computer Analyst
    GlaxoSmithKline - Associate Scientist
    Goldman Sachs - Operations Analyst
    Hydrocarbon Publishing Company - Energy Technology Analyst
    Merck & Co., Inc. - Analyst
    Merck & Co., Inc. - Associate Engineer
    PBHS - Unknown
    Shire Pharmaceuticals - Manufacturing Technician
    Teach For America - Teacher
    United States Army Research Laboratory - Research Assistant
    United States Patent and Trademark Office - Patent Examiner

    Here's a link to JHU's Post-Graduate Survey for the Class of 2009: http://www.jhu.edu/careers/students/postgradsurvey/PGShighlightsClassof09%20(3).pdf
  • ericatbucknellericatbucknell Registered User Posts: 758 Member
    bucknell and johns hopkins are virtually identical in terms of socioeconomic diversity, with very similar percentages of students receiving pell grants and institutional aid. jhu is otherwise more diverse based on traditional metrics, however, including international enrollment where they lead at about 5% to about 3% for bucknell.

    is greek life big at bucknell? sure. does it dominate? not at all. and thats with some somewhat non-stereotypical greek organizations jacking up the numbers. was bucknell one of the 'best' schools a lot of its students got into? sure. were there many who got into 'better' ones? yes. i got into an ivy among other 'better' schools. my freshman roommate got into great schools and had a guaranteed transfer offer from cornell. one of my best friends got into cornell. one of the girls down the hall got into johns hopkins. thats not a bad start to a list given that where people get into school wasnt something people really talked about (i can only think of five or so other peoples admissions outcomes, actually).

    and while a more urban environment does provide students more absolute opportunities, it also means that there is less of a sense of campus community. theres obviously no answer as to what is 'better' here, but its certainly not a question of 'constricting' greek-dom versus the big, exciting city. as a non-greek i found tremendous value in the somewhat communal nature of a rural liberal arts college. it minimized socioeconomic differences, as well, as there simply werent that many places for the wealthier students to spend their money.

    and youre correct on the relative advantages bucknells faculty possesses. thats not to say the johns hopkins faculty is somehow inferior. its anything but. but its general focus on research first, graduate students second and undergraduates third does mean that there are going to be faculty there who will make it pretty clear that youre wasting their time. frankly, you probably are. (make no mistake, there are wonderful teaching faculty at major research institutions as well. those people are worth their weight in gold.)


    on the general direction of this thread, the question of what others feel a bucknell education is 'worth' is inherently flawed. simply, the answer is going to be highly dependent on ones financial resources.

    think of an expensive luxury car... say a $100,000 mercedes. what would you pay for such a car? if youre wealthy, $100,000 might seem like a bargain. (in fact, every person who actually buys $100,000 cars feels this way.) if youre not wealthy, $100,000 is prohibitively expensive regardless of how much you like the car. maybe youre pretty wealthy and could justify $50,000. maybe youre like me and could justify $20,000 for a really, really nice vehicle. or maybe the $100 payments on a $5,000 expenditure would mean you couldnt afford your food or rent, both of which are clearly more important than a stylish car, so you wouldnt even buy it at that price.

    well, deciding between bucknell and ursinus or johns hopkins or any other school works the same way. what are you (or your parents) giving up to attend the more expensive school? does that exchange seem worth the perceived benefits of the more expensive option?

    on bucknell, i can vouch for the strength of its mathematics department. bucknell is one of the relatively few schools in the country to finish in the top 10 of the prestigious putnam mathematics competition in the last decade and graduates regularly get into competitive graduate programs. the size of the engineering department is a strength here as it results in bucknells mathematics department being very large for the schools size. this means more diverse research interests and more research opportunities than one would otherwise expect (bucknell has more than three times more math and cs faculty than ursinus, for example.)
  • 10wengl10wengl Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    It's May 1, so just wondering which colleges you all decided to attend?
  • collegekid4collegekid4 Registered User Posts: 74 Junior Member
    I decided on Johns Hopkins, although it was a very tough choice. The academics are pretty comparable with Bucknell, but ultimately the setting made the difference. I wanted a change of pace (urban environment), coming from rural New England...
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