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Does Accounting Ever Get Interesting?


Replies to: Does Accounting Ever Get Interesting?

  • Inmotion12Inmotion12 1024 replies18 threads Senior Member
    The guy took people's salaries, assumed that higher salary directly correlated to a higher IQ, and made an IQ chart based off of that. The fact that you posted that as a part of your argument is kind of proving these guys right. According to that logic, since George Bush is a millionare and Albert Einstein was not, Bush is way smarter than Einstein.
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  • Inmotion12Inmotion12 1024 replies18 threads Senior Member
    "Nonetheless, the following table estimates average IQ scores by occupation solely on the basis of the Career Cast mid-level income figures. The median salary (of a paralegal assistant) is taken to correspond to an IQ of 100. One standard deviation is assumed to be 15 IQ points:"

    That is the most f'ed up misuse of statistics I have ever seen, and the fact that you bought it so quickly is kind of disturbing. So what happened? You typed in "accountants engineers IQ" to google and that's the only thing that popped up? Dude, you might want to take a vacation for a few weeks before coming back here. You should be embarrassed. Don't ever post that kind of garbage in here.
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  • tedtrontedtron 59 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Wow. At first I thought you were just indulging in a little ****, but you clearly have some deep-seated issues. I recommend seeking professional help before you get fired for fighting an accountant in the break room.

    I thought most people had the stupid major dick-waving beaten out them by their first finals, guess not.
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  • kgoscohockey027kgoscohockey027 111 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Surgeons have an average IQ of 234.1... lol
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  • biolifebiolife 9 replies0 threads New Member
    I feel bad for people who do not have enough money to go to school and they have to become dishwashers, cashiers, waiters... if only they had enough money to become a surgeon.. their IQs would be 234.1 =(
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  • biolifebiolife 9 replies0 threads New Member
    Average IQ by occupation (estimated from wordsum scores)
    The Audacious Epigone: Average IQ by occupation (estimated from wordsum scores)

    Teacher is smarter than electrical engineer
    Sociologist is smarter than mechanical engineer
    Accountant is smarter than engineering technician

    Another reason why I should not believe in this kind of statistics...
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  • noimaginationnoimagination 6953 replies101 threads Senior Member
    Trying to extrapolate IQ from salary is idiotic.

    And angryengineer is ****.
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  • angryengineerangryengineer - 79 replies1 threads Junior Member
    "Trying to extrapolate IQ from salary is idiotic."

    I agree. What would be more interesting is stats on suicide rates in relation to occupations.

    It seems that many people online who speak about accounting in school or on the job not only think it's boring but often say they want to shoot themselves in the face. One guy I read mentioned that he dreaded his 9 to 5 accounting job so much he wanted to hurl himself out the window but was only on the 1st floor.
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  • taxguytaxguy 6244 replies385 threads Senior Member
    Actually, lawyers have a very high suicide rate. Dentists have a h igh rate of disability. So what. Do what you like and what you are good at. Enough already guys.
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  • ruennshengruennsheng 333 replies21 threads Member
    I only know I have opportunities to try out everything, and it all looks the same to me. I had never considered accounting, as a new high school graduate out of high school. My maths and science are not too fantastic, either.

    In addition, I am the sort of person who wishes to contribute as much to society as i can. I volunteer in various non-profits before I enter college, and I am involved in various academic and social clubs and societies, too.

    So I just look around and see what people want, because everything looks the same to me, and I recognize that I can do something for the greater good of society.

    I note that there are a lot of businesses in my town of 5 million people, and every corner there is always a business opportunity - from the electricity, landscape gardening to even politics. All need some form of book-keeping and accounting. So I thought, maybe accounting would be a good way to contribute socially. Perhaps I can even earn a decent living from doing something socially worthwhile, that is often overlooked by other glamorous careers (like law, medicine, investment banking, etc).

    No matter how hard it is, I do my best to persevere through the accounting courses, because through balancing accounts and making adjustments, I believe I will get the accounting concepts needed for the public's knowledge of financial information, and businesses' internal needs.

    I am now majoring in accounting.
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  • toomanymajorstoomanymajors 11 replies0 threads New Member
    to the OP,

    i'm not sure if anyone has answered your question because i was too lazy to read all 8 pages. for me accounting became interesting early on. the reason why it became interesting to me is because i love the idea of business. I like the way how you can warp/mold a company by having important financial information.

    This isn't exactly how accounting is taught in class, but at my previous place of employment i was doing more book-keeping work. by recording the information, i was able to extract important financial information. then with that information i was able to track costs. this is where your cost accounting or managerial class comes into hand. i worked for a small family owned manufacturing business. i was able to figure out how much items cost and how much we were losing due to poor operational/manufacturing methods. I was not expert at cost accounting, but with the basics i was able to explain the cost of an item was much more than we had assumed.
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  • junshikjunshik 1684 replies204 threads Senior Member
    Can we revive the vivaciousness of this thread?!
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  • secretfiresecretfire 65 replies7 threads Junior Member
    To answer the original question, in my opinion accounting never gets interesting. At the end of the day, everyone (the exec suite, marketing, operations, credit, sales, etc etc) in the business enterprise is actually doing business. As an accountant, you essentially live in the past and record/report/allegedly audit transactions that have already happened.

    You watch people do business. That's why it'll never get interesting.
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  • Life2dmaxLife2dmax 78 replies21 threads Junior Member
    Personally, Although accounting is just meh to me. Its just a stepping stone to future business/law
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  • jaychangjaychang 12 replies1 threads New Member
    Go for something that is interesting to you and something you will enjoy. I know it's cliche but it's serious advice.

    Accounting blows. I took it in college once and failed it and then tried it again this semester and dropped out because I had a 17 in the first 4 weeks (yes, out of 100).

    I believe, if Accounting doesn't come to you instantly or fairly easy, don't do it.
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  • BigBelugaBigBeluga 76 replies8 threads Junior Member
    jaychang, different strokes for different folks.
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  • AsTranAsTran 351 replies21 threads Member
    Lol 17 out of 100.
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  • mossmoss 634 replies45 threads Member
    17 out of 100 goes something like this:

    Dr: Inventory xx
    Cr: Revenue xx

    Dr: Common Stock xx
    Cr: Cost of Goods Sold xx
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  • efost7873efost7873 3 replies0 threads New Member
    To be honest with you, it all depends on what you actually enjoy and are good at. I'm a business major, after first majoring in mechanical engineering lol. I love working on cars, but decided I'm better at business and finance. I'm in a financial accounting course, very introductory, but I find it interesting to sit there and watch others around me take forever to journalize entries. It's a very boring concept for most people. On the other hand, if you are naturally good at and interested in finances, it's much easier to do. It won't get more interesting if you don't like working with money or if you don't like a lot of b.s. to be honest. If you find it that boring, i'd suggest looking at a different major. I have to admit though, all I heard from your previous posts are excuses (although I didn't read them all). I'm a business major, married with an 8 month old daughter, honors program, student government, president and treasurer of another organization and I have no problem balancing it all and keeping a 3.8gpa. If you aren't willing to work your a** off, there's no point in going to school. There are so many business majors out there, you've gotta be willing to go above and beyond. It's the difference between a 30-40,000 dollar job out of college and a six-figure salary.
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  • discoinfernodiscoinferno 279 replies1 threads Junior Member
    All of my accounting classes were boring, BUT, they were also generally more useful in the long run than nearly every other class.

    There's a certain balancing act between boredom and constructive satisfaction that keeps accounting tolerable.

    Contrast that with a course which is simultaneously boring and every second of it you're thinking "I'll never use this...". Now that sucks.

    That said, anyone who calls accounting "fun" frightens me.
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