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Does Accounting Ever Get Interesting?


Replies to: Does Accounting Ever Get Interesting?

  • Kel2012Kel2012 161 replies3 threads Junior Member
    What interests me in Accounting is actually Forensic Accounting, which is what I ultimately want to study. I would like to work for the government, like the DoD or IRS-CI, of course the FBI too but I know that's not easy. I would like to use whatever I learn in Accounting, in the criminal investigations field.

    I'm also learning that Accounting knowledge can get you so many other small-time jobs. With just a bachelor's degree you can open a lot of doors for yourself. But I want to go all the way and study F.A.
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  • JeremySJeremyS 197 replies34 threads Junior Member

    What if I said it was interesting? I feel like I'm the only person who somewhat enjoyed their accounting class. But that was a high school class... The one I've taken at CC was terrible. But that's because it was from 6:30 to 10:00 pm.
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  • AleeraAleera 54 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Interesting would be courses like audit, fraud, financial accounting, intermediate theory 1, tax undergrad
    Boring: Intermediate Theory 3, Government Accounting

    Masters in Forensic Accounting seems like most interesting of the accounting choices. Audit and fraud have been more analytical and enjoyable for me. Interest is subjective. I find accounting for pensions boring but how actuaries compute pensions interesting. However one can change fields for Masters study; only needed 4 extra courses in accounting after the bachelors requirements for the license. Government Accounting has parking meter revenue account; made me question my studies. Either hang in there or find something else you enjoy studying.
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  • bluefish2bluefish2 22 replies2 threads New Member
    When I was in college studying construction management/ engineering I found at least 50 per cent of the courses boring. I had always however an end game in sight. Graduate and get a job. I have had a great career in my field.
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  • O21234O21234 22 replies6 threads New Member
    If your not interested and already having problems I suggest switching. The reason I say this is because I passed with a B in my first accounting class only to fail the second class. Accounting will only get harder as the time goes on. It gets more difficult with every class in my opinion.
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  • AnnoyinggirlAnnoyinggirl - 176 replies39 threads Junior Member
    Sorry to resurrect a rather old thread.(Please don't resurrect the bickering. it just gets in the way of those who come to seek useful info. And yes, in attempt to seek useful info, I read all 9 pages)But i just want to say that Accounting is indeed boring. The reason it is boring and never interesting, unlike subjects that are often deemed boring but can be actually interesting such as engineering, physics, or math, is that in accounting, you are just learning a set of rules of a designed system. In the U.S, we learn GAAP. Who is to say GAAP is better? Just because. In fact, the rest of the world doesn't even use it. That's why it's boring. Of course, all classes can be boring, such as math can be boring, but in the math and sciences and maybe even economics, you are learning the rules of nature instead of the rules of a manmade system, which may not even be the best method.

    So by doing so, you are the blue collar worker in the white collar world. All you're doing is following the rules to record historical actions- no room for critical thinking or problem solving whatsoever. (by the way, brochures often advertise accounting as problem solving. I can't connect the two). I used to roll my eyes at liberal arts school and even the UCs for not offering accounting as a major, but now i understand why.

    If anyone is reading this thread because they are majoring in accounting and find the subject extremely boring as I do, I suggest that you switch majors, especially if you don't have significant financial obligations. Life is just too short.
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  • WailingConstantWailingConstant 110 replies2 threads Junior Member
    How many accounting classes have you taken, Annoyinggirl?

    There is plenty of room for problem solving in accounting, including internal controls, cost control and budgeting, debt structure of the firm, minimizing tax liability, etc. There is more to accounting than GAAP; a lot of it requires analysis of alternative methods to come to the best solution for the firm. Many CPA firms have consulting/advisory practices for some of these things.

    Many people just don't like accounting. I can understand that. But you can't break it down to as simple a description as you made it.
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  • brandavbrandav 1 replies0 threads New Member
    I agree with WailingConstant that there is problem solving and judgment involved in accounting. I've heard many CPAs say that every day is different so they never get bored. Building the foundation is the toughest part, but once it's done there's freedom to be creative in solving the different problems and challenges.

    Accounting can be pretty confusing, so that's probably why it gets such a bad rep. Maybe it simply needs to be explained better in school. Right now I'm writing a role-playing adventure to teach accounting basics: accountingforwarriors.****. I think even the most boring and confusing subjects can be presented in a way that's fun and easy to understand.
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  • DawgieDawgie 1574 replies2 threads Senior Member
    Accounting is mad boring. Finally went from Big 4 audit to valuation.
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  • bhoesebhoese 1 replies0 threads New Member
    DO NOT suck it up. I graduated with an accounting degree and now I have no future and hate myself. Don't listen to parents, business professors, or anyone else because they don't know what they're talking about. They will tell you it gets better, and gets more interesting when you're actually working. These are lies. They aren't trying to **** you over, but they themselves are deeply misguided, having already been brainwashed by the corporations, and beaten down by life. Accounting is as boring, shallow, and meaningless as life gets, and anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves to justify their life choices. The corporate accounting world is the most depressing place I've ever seen. Some part of me knew this as a sophomore, but I ignored this truth because I was too lazy to change majors, and too blinded by the good pay financial services offers.

    If you're willing to ruin your life for money stick with accounting. But if you have a soul leave accounting asap before it's too late
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  • intparentintparent 36291 replies644 threads Senior Member
    This thread is really old...
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  • Pepper03Pepper03 1431 replies8 threads Senior Member
    It may be old but it was entertaining reading!

    Accounting has been very good to me and my family-my daughter is planning on majoring in accounting. My son is majoring in Math and Economics and thinks those classes are pretty boring and pointless-maybe he should have been an accounting major?

    I have only worked in public accounting so I cannot speak to the corporate side but in practice my career has been anything but boring-the best part is getting to work with so many people in so many companies and to actually feel sometimes like what you do matters-it really isn't as dry as you might think depending on what area you go into.

    I have found that accounting does get interesting-is it interesting and a laugh a minute? No-but is any career? It is not the most interesting topic at times but a lot of it has to do with how it is taught. I cannot deny that it is at times the material.

    I am looking at programs for my daughter that also have a core liberal arts component as I am a firm believer in the value of being a well rounded person.

    There are a lot of careers where an accounting background will help you a great deal.

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