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Should i get Masters in Accounting or continue with undergrad

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I'm an undergrad accounting student. I recently completed my senior year and I have 127 credits with 3.1 undergrad GPA and 3.0 accounting GPA. I need 23 more credits to satisfy the 150 CPA license requirements. I am debating whether I should continue get the extra credits by doing a masters in accounting or continue with the undergrad while taking the CPA Exams. BTW, I'm eligible to take the CPA exams because I have 120 credits and the accounting and business requirements to sit.

Continuing undegrad would be cheaper for me because I get financial aid (Pell Grant) and won't need to use my own money and if I pursue a Macc i would have to take out loans.

Since I have a low GPA, would it better to get a masters degree and get better grades so I can be more competitive to recruiters?

IF I pass the CPA Exams would my low GPA matter to Big 4 recruiters or mid-size firms?

In the future, I see myself working in the federal government would it better getting a masters degree for potential employment in the government.

Would you recommend studying for the CPA exams while I'm a full-time grad or undergrad student?
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