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Broker Internship worth it?

baktabiznisbaktabiznis 0 replies5 threads New Member
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I was offered a internship from a local stock broker. He said I would be making cold calls and filling paper work. I'm a finance major and planned on taking a full load this summer, plans changed and now I'm off the entire summer without a internship. If I'm looking to get a position next May after graduation doing something in the finance field that a salaried position, is this internship worth them time. I currently attend a SUNY State school? The broker said I could work anyways I wanted mon-fri just come in?
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Replies to: Broker Internship worth it?

  • terencterenc 1096 replies32 threads Senior Member
    It's better than nothing, but an ideal internship would be at a financial services company (i.e. investment banking, financial advisory, mutual funds, etc...)

    It also depends on what kind of job you want after college.
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  • geo1113geo1113 1427 replies0 threads Senior Member
    Yes, it is worth it. Any experience is better than none. A job at McDonald's is better than no work at all. Besides you might find that you like it and have an aptitude for it.
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  • ldavisldavis 565 replies107 threads Member
    Cold calling is... awful. Know that upfront. Filing is boring. Are you getting paid?
    Is this someone who will give you a good reference? The mkt. is horrible right now so
    cold calling - painful. Maybe you can ask if you can spend some time reviewing portfolios or something more interesting? Will you have access to Firm Research , wholesaler meetings ( can learn alot), etc
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