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Accounting Majors response to statements about math

MattC44MattC44 39 replies29 threads Junior Member
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For the people who currently are accountants or majoring in accounting, what is your response to someone who says they couldn't do the math? Do you tell them straight that the only math involved is for the most part basic arithmetic and the hard part is the rules and laws or do you have a smart ass remark like, "Yeah, I had a hard time finishing my mad minutes in 2nd grade too!"? If you have a smart ass remark, what is it? I'll admit I was surprised my 1st 2 weeks in Financial Accounting, but I now find the math difficulty comments funny.
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Replies to: Accounting Majors response to statements about math

  • geo1113geo1113 1427 replies0 threads Senior Member
    When people say to me, "oh, you're an accountant, you know math." My answer is, "I know math but it has nothing to do with being an accountant." When they press, I tell them they learned all the math they needed to know for being an accountant in elementary school.
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  • hkem123hkem123 674 replies40 threads Member
    I typically just let them think I'm some type of mathematical genius.
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  • rushedmomrushedmom 622 replies7 threads Member
    I am so glad to see you posted this, D is going to school in the fall and picked Accounting as her major. She was having huge second thoughts last night taking the math placement test online last night. I keep telling her that is not the type of math she will do in accounting, that calculus is not the basis of accounting...
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  • angryelfangryelf 499 replies7 threads- Member
    Audit isn't the only area of accounting.
    What about those who are in valuation?
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