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So I have 3 paths to take

Nickod777Nickod777 14 replies14 threads New Member
I can either go a bachelors in Accounting for I think 128 credits or something like that. I can go for a bachelors and masters degree in 5 years 150 credits for accounting. I can get a double major in Accounting and finance, in 5 years 150 credits. I'm truthfully not sure which to take, and I love them all... Well I love the first one the least.... I really love numbers, and want to deal with numbers in the future. I love math, and I love money. There's also another path to take, where I can get some free classes with the bachelors. I could take some free classes for taxes and money management that have credit value but are no good for any major in my Uni. Also, if I get a bachelors and masters, and I pass that one accounting test, prove it to my accounting advisor at the Uni, he will give out $5000 to me. He does that to everyone who meets the MS/BS and test criteria.

I would normally choose on my own, but I'd rather have honest opinions on what you think I should do. As I do not honestly want to waste time.

Edit: Although I have no sources that prove the $5000 part, as that's only what one of the advisors said.
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