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What exactly can you do with a MIS (Management Information Systems) degree?

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Is it similar to CIS? Looking at the curriculum, I've noticed that in the first year you have a total of two CS classes, and you have a business class. Then during the second year, there are a two accounting courses and a few more business courses. Finally, your last two years, you get a string of MIS/IS/Programming, database management, e-commerce classes. This seems eerily similar to a CIS curriculum without the official title. I thought about minoring in Computer Science to build an even stronger foundation in programming. Do you think this is a great idea? Will IT employers look down on this? I'm just not sure about computer science anymore, and I also wouldn't want to be a software developer when I finish. I want something along the lines of IT consultant and Systems Administrator/Analyst. Would MIS work for the career paths I want to pursue. What's the salary like? IS a MIS degree marketable these days as it once was? I noticed on my school website, it said that many graduates were being hired into computer firms around the area. How much debt is it worth getting into for this major?
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