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Associates in Computer Science/ Bachelors in MIS (Need a boost or some advice)

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In 2 semesters i will be graduating from NJIT with a B.S in MIS (Management Information Systems). For some reason i never believed i would be able to get through college. And now that the finish line is nearing im worried/anxious about job outlook in my field. This has brought me to CC, because i am aware there are lots of professionals and college grads on here that can possibly boost my morale and give me some perspective on the matter.

Some background (Education):

1) Started Rutgers in 2012 as a finance major and left the school by 2014 by almost flunking out. (Finance was too dry, even though i hardly took any classes in real finance. I looked for reasons to blame the school or the major for my lack of interest and focus. (38 Credits Received)

2) Became extremely depressed, but continued to attend a community college and pursued a A.S in computer science because it was the only thing that interested me (50 Credits Received).

3) Now at NJIT. I dont have time to finish the degree in Computer Science, it required an additional 1 year to graduate than MIS for me. Ive dragged my education enough just want to finish it.

Some background (Experience):

a) In 2014, i started a clothing company, and made apparel for men and women. Not high hifi designer stuff but tees, polos, croptops, pants, and accessories. I had 5k saved up and borrowed an additional 7k from my dad. Did the product development overseas (extremely difficult task, the price maybe low but the communication barriers are large). Needed a website, and no cash on hand left. Built it on squarespace and got the products moving. Realized the type of attention the business needed also the capital it required to compete in the market, so i broke even and terminated the project completely.

b) 2015- present ive held a job in the building supply industry as an IT manager. From building websites, to introducing new accounting prepackaged software, to doing coffee runs, im that company's go to person for anything new and technical (Small company with annual turn over of 52 million). Salary is $35k with only 21 hours required to work during semester and 40 hours during breaks. They have sent me once to Las Vegas for a trade show and once to China to build relations with factories that product our products.

c) 2014- present ive started my own company doing websites for small business and clients. I have completed 32(client) websites and over 20( personal) websites in last 3 years. I have a developer and 1 designer over seas that work part time with me to finish these projects. I am familiar with back end operations and have built the first few websites my self (mysql, php, bootstrap etc..), but now i worry about bringing more business and handing it over. (15-35k Annual salary)

My concerns are am i prepared for the field? Am i worth looking at? Should i expand my business or swing a few years into the field?

What other things do i need to get done?

Any positions you find that might suit my experience and interest?

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