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What can you do with a Business degree?

SimpleCupSimpleCup 2 replies2 threads New Member
What can you do with a Business degree? I've heard from a teacher who has one and use to be in the field saying that with it alone it's useless.
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Replies to: What can you do with a Business degree?

  • happy1happy1 24006 replies2407 threads Super Moderator
    edited February 2019
    I'm not exactly sure what you are asking. But a business degree with a major in a specific skill such as accounting, IT, finance is generally considered to be more valuable/employable as compared to a degree in general business administration/management.

    You have another post asking about drama school -- what path are you planning?
    edited February 2019
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 43226 replies471 threads Senior Member
    Supply chain Management is a good major especially if you can add an Asian language (Chinese, Vietnamese, Bengladeshi..), or for emerging markets languages spoken in modernizing/industrializing African nations (Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya...)
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  • SimpleCupSimpleCup 2 replies2 threads New Member
    @happy1 I honestly don't know, i want to do performing arts but the job is unstable salary, but i have a large variety of interest that I could major in.
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  • UCBUSCalumUCBUSCalum 1189 replies5 threads Senior Member
    You can major in a specific area in business for job stability and double major or minor in drama or performing arts.
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  • HeartofDixieHeartofDixie 304 replies11 threads Member
    I would not recommend getting a management degree, mine is not doing me any good.
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  • dcolosidcolosi 535 replies23 threads Member
    Honestly, most people in the general workforce just having a college degree checks the box on the hiring checklist. Especially for entry level type of positions. I have a Mass Communications degree and worked my way up the ranks into leadership positions. I already had a well established 20 plus year career when I went back to get my MBA in Management & Strategy. I didn't need to but I wanted to as it was always a goal of mine.

    I do think you have to watch if there is a special area that interest you like accounting, IT or finance as having a more specific degree in those areas might be needed to get your foot in the door. The people I have hired over the years the nature of their degree was not as important in many roles. However, as you move up in roles and responsibilities there will be experiences and results that I as a hiring manager am looking for in a candidate. As you move up in career most likely being evaluated on the decisions you make, the actions you take and the results you produce.
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