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UM vs UF

jakmom3jakmom3 7 replies7 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 14 New Member
My daughter was accepted to both university of Miami and university of Florida business school. UF is cheaper and has great reputation, but it's huge and many classes are online where students can just watch lecture on their own time, the gateway classes are almost all like this UM not ranked as well as UF but is smaller seems kids work more with their advisors and have opportunities for internships in the city of Miami, just not sure how good the school is since it's not in top rankings. But why is UF highly ranked what's so great about it? I don't like the fact that kids don't need to go to class...
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  • Gator88NEGator88NE 6396 replies195 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 6,591 Senior Member
    Before scholarships, grants, etc, we're comparing a $50,400 year tuition vs $6,400 a year at the public school. The private school will have smaller classes, etc, but you're paying for it.

    Why is UF highly ranked?

    When it comes to undergraduate (or graduate) business programs, rankings is usually done via a survey. For example, the US News rankings survey Business school's deans and senior faculty and asked them to rank the top 15 programs (overall and then for each specialty). UF has several highly ranked specialties (accounting, finance, marketing, real estate, etc.) and that helps raise it's overall profile. So, other school's deans/faculty think highly of UF's faculty and what they perceive are the programs outcomes/results.

    I recommend two tools to use to help consider the "outcome" result. First, use LinkedIn. You can look up UF and UM, select alumni, then select "Business Administration" for "What they studied" and them compare the two groups of alumni. You'll see where they live and work (and for what companies). Lots of ways to sort the data, go ahead and play around with it for awhile.

    First thing that will jump out, is that they are far more UF alumni than UM. There is almost as many in the Miami area, and far more every where else. UF has a far stronger alumni network (especially in cities like NY, SF, Washington, Seattle, etc).Next, you'll notice that the companies they work for they will be similar, but UF grads will be spread out more nationally. If you select any of the "specialties" (accounting, finance, etc.), then UF far out numbers UM.

    Next, use UF's graduation survey results to get another view on outcomes.


    You can select select different majors, and get results like average salaries, bonuses, etc. Keep in mind that this data is collected before graduation (completing the survey is'a requirement for graduation).
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