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Finance v. Accounting

juniorjumper19juniorjumper19 18 replies9 threads Junior Member
Hey guys! As this fall approaches, I know that I want to pursue a degree in business, but just not surgeon exactly what I want to do. Part of it is that I am only 18 and have no idea what kind of job I would like best. I really enjoy dealing with numbers and logic (Calculus and Economics were my favorite and strongest subjects in HS). I have a general idea of what each of these is, but have no idea on how to decided what it is that I want to pursue. If you guys could share your own thoughts/opinions on this that would be great! If you have experience dealing with a decision like this or know any insights as to major differences/turning points in the two, feel free to express them!
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Replies to: Finance v. Accounting

  • happy1happy1 23996 replies2407 threads Super Moderator
    What you might do now is look through the course catalog of the college you decide to attend (most are online) and get a sense of what classes you would have to take for each major and see if one path sounds more interesting.
    That said, there is absolutely no reason and not benefit to choosing you major now. You will get so much more information over the next year or two that will prepare you to make a much more informed decision. These are reasons to wait:

    1) When you start a business program at college you will take introductory courses in a number of business subjects including (but not limited to) finance and accounting. As you take these classes you should get a better sense of what each major would entail, how much you like it, how well you did in each class etc.

    2) You should also make an effort to get to know professors so you can ask any question you have about the major, typical jobs available when graduating with that major etc.

    3) Also once you are at college you can make an appointment and speak to someone at career placement to get a sense of what types of jobs people with these different majors can get.

    4) Do keep in mind that to become a CPA you now need 150 credits (most bachelors degrees are around 120 credits). Some people can get to the 150 credit mark using AP credits, summer courses, overloading etc. but many students go on for a one year Masters in Accounting.
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  • juniorjumper19juniorjumper19 18 replies9 threads Junior Member
    @happy1 Thanks for the info! I will keep an open mind heading into school this fall and wait to see which is more interesting!
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