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Would an Associate's in Business be valued the same as a minor in Business?

pathtocollegepathtocollege 27 replies23 threads Junior Member
I'm a 4-year student interested in studying business in addition to CS, but my university doesn't offer a business major/minor. Over the course of this past year, I've realized that I want to go on a business-y type of route with my career, and my current goal is to become a Product Manager at a tech company while running a small business on the side. I continue to have an strong interest in computer science, so that is why I'm not settling for a major that's "close enough" to business. My plan is to later go to grad school and study something a bit more business-heavy.

Here's my question:

In high school, I took quite a few community college courses and was over half-way done with an Associate's degree. Now, because I want to study business, but can't really do so at my university (which doesn't even offer Intro to Business classes for undergrads), I want to start taking online courses from the community college to finish up an Associate's in Business alongside my regular attendance at my university. It will take me 2 classes per semester for 4 semesters. I'm not really concerned about time, since I've taken plenty of online classes from the college before and know I will be able to handle it alongside my regular work. As for the cost, I have money saved and finishing up the degree will take just a bit over $1,000.

Would this be worth it? Even if future employers don't care, I'm still leaning towards doing it since I genuinely just want to learn practical business skills which I don't see myself being able to do until a few years from now. Should I just wait for grad school? Would this possibly help me get admitted to a grad school program in business?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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