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Best b-career for creative people person ?

ramsfan911ramsfan911 75 replies54 threads Junior Member
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hey guys whats up? I'm wondering about a business career, and for those of you that frequent the forum can probably tell i'm really not sure what i want to do in business, or to even have a business career at all (lol, i'm ridiculous)

anyway, I'm wanting to find a career that best suits my skills so i can enjoy what i'm going to do the rest of my life (scary :( )

i'm very artistic and creative (i'm also considering architecture, but the low pay and job-growth decline scares me a little), I'm a people person and like to explain situations and have diverse thinking going on. I can speak clearly and with influence, and I write well. I'm really into tech (not so much as a hands-on type, but I love to use new tech-gadgets (best buy is my dream store!))

Now for the "not so great."
I'm pretty good at math, but it is my hardest subject (mid to high B in AP calc so far, did well in alg-pre.calc though) and the sciences are ok but a little boring(except physics, which i like)

ok, so, any ideas? I've thought about marketing some, or public relations or advertising, heck even MIS. What do you think my skills would be best for?
Thanks so much guys, you've already helped me alot.
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Replies to: Best b-career for creative people person ?

  • Frosty27Frosty27 91 replies9 threads Junior Member
    if you REALLY like architecture, do it. if you're good enough you can make some serious bank.

    for business, marketing gets my vote. potential to rise in rank, and if you enjoy it you should excel at it.
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  • 311Griff311Griff 1533 replies53 threads Senior Member
    Architecture is a very hard career field to make money in... it's got a lot of political ties, and you have to be exceptional at networking as well as at architecture ability to make a living at it.

    just my .02 from what I've heard.
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  • ramsfan911ramsfan911 75 replies54 threads Junior Member
    i really do like architecture, but i see alot of bad news, such as this http://money.cnn.com/2005/08/15/pf/training_pay/index.htm
    that scares me off a little. Does marketing require my strengths? any other business profession?
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  • 5.0 Mustang5.0 Mustang 235 replies96 threads Member
    You aren't stuck doing something the rest of your life. you can always go back to school.
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  • zippozippo 212 replies6 threads Junior Member
    if you're gonna go into business, u would want to go into marketing. now if you really like arechitecture - do it. you're not going to starve.
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  • ramsfan911ramsfan911 75 replies54 threads Junior Member
    haha. yah i'm not worried about starving lol. It's just alot of school and really difficult work to make the money that an architect does (based on median salary)
    what about PR? I know it's not strictly a business career, but can it be compared somewhat to marketing, in the skills needed?
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  • ohman442ohman442 106 replies46 threads Junior Member
    hey ramsfan. i'm exactly like you. i really wanted to be an architect, but the whole salary thing turned me off. And now i'm probably going to go to Cornell or USC for business, but i don't really know which career I'd like to pursue. I want to make money, which is why i'm considering ibanking and managment consulting, but I am also interested in entertainment industry. so thats why I was thinking of going to USC to open my possibilities to combining a degree in business and entertainment. it seems like it would be really fun and let me be creative.
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  • futurenyustudentfuturenyustudent 5303 replies63 threads Senior Member
    Marketing consultant.
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  • sashimi46sashimi46 476 replies6 threads Member
    if your passion is in architecture, there are ways to earn the money. again you have to be creative and know how to do it. if you really love architecture, then the other factors (salary, long hours etc) won't matter as much. i'm currently an architecture major but i'm also considering minoring in business or getting a MBA later on. The starting salary for architects is very low because a lot of the experience makes up for your 'skill' (schooling only teaches you how to design and think) but the pay definitely rises as you gain more experience in the field. Principal architects can make a ton of money but the process is long. But if architecture is your passion, then you'll find it worth it and rewarding in the long run. architects find their reward not necessarily in the money that they get but in the work that they do.
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