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Replies to: NYU Stern

  • canadian1989canadian1989 Registered User Posts: 70 Junior Member
    i'm actually undecided what i wanna do after undergrad. either i wld directly go onto law school (follow my parents' footsteps ;)) or would maybe work for a company for 2-3 years and then go onto get an MBA. venus, its really nice to know someone else is in the same situation lol.
    harvardman and gosenheim...have u guys had some personal bad experiences? u guys are at NYU too?
    hey, isnt cornell rated like #10 in the country...its ranked way below stern, umich and cmu though
  • Line909Line909 Registered User Posts: 33 Junior Member
    I don't think *we* have the power to tell you where you should attend to college. The decision's ultimately yours. Hopefully, you've done your research into each school, and know what's the best fit. Stern's a great school--but do you have the $$ to fit the bill? Do you know the pros and cons of each school?
  • gonsenheimgonsenheim Registered User Posts: 390 Member
    Yes I'm at nyu. And that is pretty much the sentiment on campus--everyone hates the sternies--even sternies themselves don't like each other.

    I don't know about rankings, but cornell is ivy league. enough said.
  • haithmanhaithman Registered User Posts: 729 Member
    Stern Finance is almost equal to Wharton's finance program.
    No it is not

    Also Canadian just because you get an UG degree from Wharton does not make you any less competitve as an MBA in the long run. If that were the case then alot more than 30% of Wharton UG's would get an MBA at some point in their careers. Look at it this way..In the two years that you work straight out of college..as an IB analyst or whatever it is you do, everyone is pretty much on the same playing field. After this two year stint most people go on to get their MBA's or move onto something else (PE,VC etc)..while others stay on for a 3rd year or move onto an Associate position within the bank/firm. While those people go on to get their MBA a Wharton grad already has the skills necessary to progress in their careers without having to essentially go back to school to learn the same things they learned as an UG. Also, once you move onto an associate position and the like nobody cares if you got an MBA or not since you have already made it that far..Wall St is a very "what have you done for me lately" environment, and for good reason.

    In terms of Stern, it is an excellent institution and will land you great oppourtunities provided you do well. You will make > 100k (heck some first year analysts at IB's pulled in more than that...but then again I cant fathom wanting to be a glorified Real Estate Agent).
    You will be fine..focus on one step at a time..do well, get a great job and if necessary (you will know if its necessary or not once you are on the job depending on your career trek) get an MBA. :)

    Best of Luck
  • VectorWegaVectorWega Registered User Posts: 1,872 Senior Member
    but there's only so far an undergrad can go...in the end, they cant compare to an MBA.

    LMAO @ this. Some undergrads can only go so far.

    Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard. Michael Dell was a UT dropout. Dave Thomas didn't even get his GED until he was in his 60s. My cousin is under 35 years of age and is a VP at a large Fortune 500 company. He was an economics major at UT and didn't even have good enough grades to transfer into UT's business school. He never got his MBA. My brother had a 2.0 in college and has made 6 figures every year since he graduated with a bachelors degree.
  • bipolarbearbipolarbear Registered User Posts: 79 Junior Member
    Congrats on Stern; it's really an underrated school...

    however saying Stern almost close to Wharton is simply wrong. As people have said, Whartonites choose not to get MBAs because they don't need it. Stern people might get stuck as an analyst and be forced to get an MBA, but Wharton grads definitely don't need it. Wharton has a lot more job opportunities, and much more recruiting.

    I understand that you're extremely excited about Stern, but there are other programs such as Wharton that are strictly better...

    Also, I would only go to stern if I'm sure I wanted to go into investment banking, since that's one of the major pro's of going to a target undergrad. If you're not set on finance, maybe you should consider other options as well
  • canadian1989canadian1989 Registered User Posts: 70 Junior Member
    thnx guys. i cant tell you how valuable all this help has been. i have heard this "hate" b4, gonseheim...but we have this group on facebook and all of us are bonding really well. i mean, its only been a week since i joined and i already kno like 100 ppl going to stern next year. idk...it may just depend on year to year.
    and guys, i'm not saying a wharton UG makes u less competitive in the long run for a MBA. i am just saying that because of the early success of wharton grads, a MBA may seem unnecessary for them (time+money), but having a MBA really opens a heck of lot options for u more than an undergrad can do...even if it is from wharton. i mean, compare a undergrad from wharton and a MBA from harvard? yea?
    well, thnx alot. like i said, all of ur opinions and perspectives are really helpful!
    ps: can undergrads frm stern really earn more than 100k a year? wow. i heard it was like avg. 55k frm stern and 57k frm wharton (both without bonuses)
  • gonsenheimgonsenheim Registered User Posts: 390 Member
    haha well I surely wasn't hating at all...you were just stating something that is unequivocally untrue. Wharton is a much better program than Stern, but yes, Stern is a very strong program--and if you are talking about finance, its #2 (behind Wharton). I'm sure you will have a good time at Stern and you will get along with the people there, but you will also be able to attest to the fact that everyone hates sternies. This includes sternies themselves, recruiters, and people at the other schools at nyu. And, like anything else, there are exceptions to this rule--there are plenty of good, fun kids at stern. But the majority of them are unbearable. You will learn next year that people at Stern are cut-throat and socially awkward.

    As for your question, yes, you can make more than 100K your first year if you work in IBD at a BB that pays exceptionally well. Other than that, I am unaware of any other job that pays so highly at such a young age (possibly consulting? but there are zero consulting firms recruiting at nyu--mostly because a lot of employers have the same view of Sternies: *******s who are damn good at crunching numbers).
  • warren_buffett89warren_buffett89 Registered User Posts: 208 Junior Member
    wow i am kind of nervous about stern right now. I applyed early and was accepted. I do work hard and love business and all that stuff, but I do plan to party hard as I have done throughout highschool...will I have any friends at stern? because even based on the facebook group it seems its just all asian kids who just want to study ALL day long?
  • biggyboybiggyboy Registered User Posts: 1,558 Senior Member
    haha yeah stern is filled with oriental/indian kids. i don't think you'll be studying all day though. its nyu..youll have friends in the other schools too.
  • SweetLax88SweetLax88 Registered User Posts: 308 Member
    Actually I beg to differ. Stern is an overrated school. As Harvardman said, it really is full of cutthroat students who will push thier 'friends' down to get that internship.
  • harvardman1988harvardman1988 - Posts: 345 Member
    its not so much that people at stern are naturally bad, its the culture of selfishness and hatred that is scary. if you hear these things beforehand and you see it yourself first year, you will start adjusting to those values and such and start pledging AKPsi or something(business frat full of people I was describing) if you don't want to fall behind. Im sure you are going to stern because you want to get a good Finance related job offer MORE THAN to become a moral human being... Thats why stern is the way it is.
  • warren_buffett89warren_buffett89 Registered User Posts: 208 Junior Member
    i just picked because i live in ny and cant see myself anywhere else..wtvr i guess all my friends will come from the other schools
  • jobanana89jobanana89 Registered User Posts: 71 Junior Member
    OK i am seriously considering going to stern for finance, but now i'm a bit weary b/c i've heard so much crap about the competitiveness.......am i the only person that thinks there can be good side to business?
  • haithmanhaithman Registered User Posts: 729 Member
    people on these boards need to stop talking about things they know nothing about. harvardman is an example
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