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NYU Stern or Cornell AEM


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  • hupkoreahupkorea 156 replies63 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    To the OP,

    I agree that Cornell has an amazing undergrad business program, but saying that Cornall finance program is better than Stern's is just blatantly ignorant. I believe that any business professional would agree with me. Stern's finance dept is internationally known for its top-quality professors and impressive list of alumni, who have made significant contributions in both the corporate world and academia.

    In addition, I am inclined to think that Stern and Cornell-AEM are on par with each other in other areas of businesses as well. Contrary to popular belief, Stern graduates do go to into marketing, consulting, entreprenuership and other areas of business. We now have bain and bcg presence (2 of the top 3 mgmt consulting firms) on campus, for one. The school also has a great international focus. As a Stern student, you are guaranteed to go to a foreign country at least once (3 times if you are a scholar). Studying abroad at Stern is also quite easy. One page essay and a simple application will provide you a spot in one of the 12 locations you chose - no extra costs for this except the airline fare.

    With that said, Stern does have a few drawbacks, such as high tuition, red-tape administration etc. But I want you to know that it is not so much of a hell hole that harvardman makes it out to be. After all, its really a matter of your personal preference and needs.
    hope that helped.
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  • anarchyintheukanarchyintheuk 2 replies0 threadsRegistered User New Member
    To be honest I think that you should be considering the differences of the school's you're applying to and not the Business programs. Stern and AEM are both top programs in their field and too be honest if you go to either one its not like you're not going to get an amazing job, and although I do agree Stern Fincance is better than AEM I don't think if you go to AEM it will limit your career choices. Plenty of my friends got I-banking jobs on wall street and had never even taken a finance class. Instead look at the school themsleves, Cornell and NYU are worlds apart so think about the college experience you want not just the job afterwards
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  • irishbluesirishblues 232 replies16 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Anarchyintheuk is right. NYU and Cornell are both very respectable schools and neither one will limit any type of career placement one might experience in the future.
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