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which is better in the long run?

CmossCmoss 129 replies29 threads Junior Member
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after attending a football combine i recieved several offers for free rides to small schools such as mississippi college and university of findlay(which i have never heard of). on to my question
in the long run is gettin a free ride from one of these small schools better than goin to KU or Brigham Young and paying for my education? am i really gonna be hurting to get jobs havin gone to Findlay or Mississippi College?

thanks guys

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Replies to: which is better in the long run?

  • taxguytaxguy 6244 replies385 threads Senior Member
    BYU is so inexpensive and so well-known, I would take BYU. I might not say this with regard to other private schools.
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  • CalcruzerCalcruzer 4756 replies76 threads Senior Member
    BYU ranked #8 on Business Week's best business schools list and is quite cheap (being in Provo, Utah). However, you do need to realize that it is vey secretarian based (religious, that is)--and that 92% or so of the students that go there are Mormon.

    No problem as long as you realize that, but if you think you will have trouble fitting in, then I would suggest KU (Kansas University) as an alternative.
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  • CmossCmoss 129 replies29 threads Junior Member
    so FREE lesser known schooling is not as good as cheap decent schools?
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  • taxguytaxguy 6244 replies385 threads Senior Member
    CMoss, if we are talking about a few thousand difference per year, the better known school is the better way to go IF it is much better known and much better in your desired majors. BYU is NOT just a decent school. It is considered a very good, well-known school. Maybe it doesn't have the cache of an ivy or top LAC,but it is well-known and has a number of very highly ranked programs.
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